Already February — More Soup

Split Pea Soup with Smokey Bacon:

Hmmmm — I promised that January would be Blog-About-Soup Month.  And I have one more Soup to share — However, according to the calendar, I just missed January by one day — It has now become February!

But it is definitely still winter!!  Snow on the ground and morning temps at 5 below zero.  It’s still a perfect time to share another hot, tasty Soup, as well as some favorite Soup Bowls — A Split Pea Soup, with a garnish of Smokey Bacon.  Actually, I prepared the Soup in January, but I simply could not post until today, February.

The Food – Split-Pea Soup with Smokey Bacon:

Both my husband and I LOVE Split-Pea Soup — Although I don’t make it very often.  But a recent posting on SmittenKitchen (food blog) for a Pea Soup (without the usual ham-bone) sounded just perfect — Really easy, really tasty.  With plenty of leek, carrot, garlic — And then the usual broth, and those split peas.  A happy simmer, a quick whirl with the hand-blender, and definitely SOUP.

Amazingly earthy/tasty and so satisfying — Added a simple garnish of my favorite smokey bacon.  Exactly what a Split-Pea Soup should be!  Husband and I were instantly ADDICTED!!  Recipe available at SmittenKitchen.

The Pottery — Wood Fired Bowls by Zac Spates:

For this earthy Soup, I chose a delightful Bowl made by Wisconsin Artist, Zac Spates — Wood Fired with a bit of slip and plenty of ash and flash!  In photo below, I LOVE the wood fired pieces — Bowl of Soup by Zac, mug of cider by Linda Christenson, another Wood Fire artist.

And below — One more Zac Spates Bowl — Awesome, wood fired!!  Do visit Zac’s Web Site!

So HAPPY February everyone — Stay warm (with Soup, of course)!!

2 thoughts on “Already February — More Soup

  1. Look delicious! Are you going to join me at Adamah Clay Studios to wood/Salt fire this April? It is a lot of fun and you could make some soup to share with the group!

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