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About MaashaClay BLOG – Pottery with Food:

As a Ceramic Artist in Minnesota, I create work for three different firing methods — Soda fire, wood fire, and reduction firing.  Basically, I create functional pottery with ‘Japanese inspiration’ for everyday use and enjoyment.

And because I love food, and preparing food, and sharing food — I’m combining both interests.  There is such a connection between good food and the plate or bowl or platter that serves as presentation.

I’ve created this Web Site and Blog to share not only my own pottery, but pottery by other potters, pottery from my collection, pottery that I love and enjoy using – With food, with flowers, with soup, with grilled salmon, or with simple tasty snacks.  I so enjoy sharing and showing pottery in use.  I consider this a most delicious endeavor — Enjoy.

Pottery on the Table - by Marcia Paul