January 2018 – More Soup

Snowy Day — Soup and Sandwich:

We are already into the third week of January.  In my last posting I declared that January would be the Month-of-Soup.  Well, we recently had a total Minnesota Snow-Day — A perfect day to make SOUP.  I did not go out to the market for any specific ingredients, I simply made Soup — With WHATEVER ingredients I had in my kitchen….my fridge….my pantry.

So, what did I have in my life?  Some mushrooms, some already sauteed chard, some Chorizo sausage.  And from my pantry — A can of diced tomato, a can of white beans.  Yep — I could make SOUP!  And I even had a Bowl to serve it in.

The Food — Soup with Whatever is Available:

I guess I’m naming this a Beany Soup with other good stuff.  To repeat the ingredients again — I sauteed mushrooms; also Chorizo sausage.  Then added some tasty chicken stock, a can of diced tomatoes, and a can of white beans (white chili beans), and a few tablespoons of tomato paste.  Once simmering, I added the already sauteed chard (so that it would stay bright green).  It was so easy, so flavorful — And perfect for a snowy day!!  The Chorizo added a just-perfect spiciness to the hearty, earthy flavors — All topped with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan.

So enjoyable along with a grilled cheese sandwich (my favorite)!  I strongly recommend — The next time you have a snow-day in your life, make  your own Soup — With Whatever-is-Available.

The Pottery — MaashaClay Bowl & Plate:

For my Soup and Sandwich — I’m choosing my very own MaashaClay Bowl and Plate — Both stoneware, with slips and ash glazes in a geometric (slightly carved) design.  I’m sharing several plates I make with these glazes.

Hope everyone enjoyed my second January installment of Soup — Now, I must go out and shovel more snow!!

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