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Artist Statement

My interest in pottery comes from many directions and inspirations earlier in my life.  I grew up interested in art and architecture — In painting, color, composition; in geometric relationships and construction.  Also, I found creative satisfaction in fabric arts — In designing, construction clothing.

Now, later in life, I find my earlier interests continually resurfacing in my passion to create pottery.  Clay has become a perfect medium for expressing my interest in form and construction, in color and abstract geometric designs, in creating functional objects with artistic presence.

I strive to create work that reflects the raw, organic nature of clay, but reveals the process of making, shaping, and often includes obvious constructional statements.  I apply surface treatments that are both earthy but boldly geometric.  I utilize three different firing methods — High-fire reduction, soda fire and wood fire — To create three varied but compatible bodies of work, each touched by a different type of flame and atmosphere.

My focus as a potter is to create quality work — Useful, artistic, appealing — That expresses and reflects each of my interests and inspirations.

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