Xtra Photos

Vacation 2010 – Canadian Rockies

Photos by Robert Paul

Reflections in Vermillion Lake — Bob’s favorite photo!!

Across Bow Valley toward Continental Divide — Stunning!


Hike through a burn area above Marble Canyon — Wildflowers!!

Hike around Bow Lake — Slammed by the rain! Love the mood of this photo!!

Hike through Sunshine Meadows — Alpine delight!

Lake Louise toward Plain of Six Glaciers — Classic!!

Lake Louise — Mt Victoria wrapped in cloud

Yes — We saw grizzly bears!!

Moraine Lake toward Valley of Ten Peaks — Another Classic!!

Far end Moraine Lake — Peaks and Glaciers!!

Photographer Bob with Marcia at Boom Lake — Smokey skies!

2 thoughts on “Xtra Photos

    • Hi Lynn — Thank you so much for the compliment!! I’m so lucky — My husband is my photo-guy. He’s always willing and available — Whatever the pot, whatever the food.
      Thanks again — Marcia (and photographer, Robert)

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