Wild Rice Pilaf with Leek, Shiitake & Dried Apricot


Wild Rice Pilaf with Leek, Shiitake & Dried Apricot

Wild Rice – It is important to use only the naturally grown/harvested Wild Rice (the grains should appear light grey/brown in color).  Do NOT use the very dark ‘cultivated’ Wild Rice – It will take much too long to cook.

Note:  I only cook Rice in a Rice Cooker.  You can certainly cook the Rice in a pan on the stove if that is what you are more familiar with.

Ingredients / Prep:

1-1/2 cup White Rice
1-1/2 cup Wild Rice
1 cup Chicken Stock
2-1/2 cups Water
2 – 3 Leeks – Sliced, chopped
2 cups Mushrooms (Shiitake, Crimini) – Sliced
1 cup Dried Apricot – Chopped
1/2 cup Chicken Stock
1/4 cup White Wine
Sliced Almonds – Optional

Directions / Assembly:

Cook the Rice (White and Wild together) in Rice Cooker with liquid (Water and Chicken Stock).

Heat Olive Oil with Butter in saute pan.  Saute separately — Chopped Leek, then sliced Mushroom.

When Rice is fully cooked in Rice Cooker, heat Chicken Stock with Wine (just to simmer) in large pan (I use a large Wok).  Add chopped ingredients, Leek, Mushroom, Apricot.

Reduce heat to very low (or turn heat off).  Mix in the Rice in two batches….

Add half the cooked Rice – Mix gently.  Quickly add remaining half of cooked Rice.  Mix till all liquid absorbed and distributed.  Mix in Sliced Almonds if desired.  Cover, remove from heat.