Salmon – Hot-Smoked with Mango Chutney

Smoked Salmon with Mango Chutney

Hot-Smoked Salmon with Mango Chutney

Easy to prepare!  Brine the Salmon for only 1 hour, then place on drying rack in the refrigerator for 12 hours.  Do the smoking with either a Stove-Top Smoker, or a Weber (kettle) Grill.  The results are fabulous — Moist, flavorful, silky smooth Salmon, served as either an appetizer, or an entree with rice or soba noodles.  In either case, the rich, smokey-but-salty flavor balances well with a sweet-tangy Mango Chutney.

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Hot-Smoked Salmon:

1 pound fillet of Salmon
1 quart warm Water
1/4 cup cup kosher Salt
1/3 cup turbinado Sugar
3 tbsp. Soy Sauce
2 tsp. Chinese Five Spice powder

Cut salmon fillet lengthwise into several even pieces.

In a non-reactive bowl, combine salt, sugar, say sauce and Chinese five spice with 1 quart of warm water and stir until sugar and salt are dissolved. Let fish sit in this brine for one hour at room temperature.

Remove fish from brine, dry it completely and place on a rack. Put rack uncovered in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Using a Stove-Top Smoker — Smoke the salmon for about 8 minutes at a temperature in the range of 145-50 degrees. Bronzed and fully smoked!  Allow Salmon to cool completely.

Using a Weber Grill — Heat charcoal (pushed over to two sides of the grill); when hot, add soaked wood chips to hot coals.  Place Salmon on rack in center (NOT over the coals).  Cover grill, allow to smoke for 15 – 20  minutes, till bronzed and fully smoked.  Allow Salmon to cool completely.

Honeyed Mango Chutney:

1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
3 Mangoes — Peeled, pitted, chopped
1-1/2 cups Onion — Chopped
1 cup Red Bell Pepper — Chopped
6 cloves Garlic — Thinly sliced
3 cups Chicken Stock
3/4 cup Honey
2 tbsp. White Wine Vinegar
1 tbsp. fresh Ginger — Minced
1/2 cup fresh Cilantro — Chopped

Head Oil in large heavy saucepan over medium heat — Saute Onion, Pepper, Garlic till Onion is soft, about 4 minutes.  Add Mango — Saute about 2 minutes.

Add Chicken Stock, Honey, Wine-Vinegar and Ginger. Reduce heat to medium and simmer till thick sauce forms, stirring occasionally — About 1-1/2 hours.  Can be prepared ahead of time. Stir in Cilantro before serving.