Pasta with Scallop, Tomato and Corn

Scallop/Corn Pasta - Twist Plate by Marcia Paul Pottery  

Pasta with Scallop, Tomato and Corn

A tasty, light, bright summery Pasta Topping — All tied together with a Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto.

The Topping includes Bay Scallops, mushroom, zucchini squash, and tomato — Either fresh or oven-roasted.  Finally, fresh corn kernels add a summery sweetness, and a delightful texture.  It all works — Satisfying and delicious!!

The Pesto, with sun-dried tomato and almonds is easy to make ahead of time.  And is delicious in many other dishes — On other pastas (like ravioli), or crostini, or with chicken or seafood.

Ingredients / Prep:

Olive Oil / Butter
Mushroom (Crimini and/or Shiitake) — Sliced
1 medium Zucchini Squash – Sliced, then quartered
1/2 lb. Bay Scallop — Rinsed, pat dry
2 Roma Tomatoes – Quartered, chopped once more
1 Ear fresh Corn – Blanched (about 4 minutes)
Lemon Zest
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
Pasta (Fettucine, Penne, other)

Instructions / Assembly:

Ahead of Time:  Prepare the Pesto, if necessary (below).

Prepare the Corn — Blanch, then cut off kernels with sharp knife — Set aside.  Prepare Pasta — Heat in simmering water, drain.  Toss with Olive Oil and Pesto — Set aside; keep warm.

Saute ingredients separately.  Heat Oil with a bit of Butter in skillet — Saute Mushrooms about 5-6 minutes.  Remove from pan; set aside.  In same skillet, add a small amount of Butter.  When just sizzling, add Zucchini — Saute till lightly browned.  Remove from pan; set aside.

In same skillet, add another bit of Butter.  When just sizzling, add Scallops — Saute gently just till cooked.   Remove from pan; set aside.  To same skillet, add chopped Tomato, heat just till some of the liquid cooked off.  Add Scallops back to pan with Lemon Zest.  Toss gently once or twice.  Add remaining sauteed ingredients back to pan, also the Corn Kernels.  Toss gently just to reheated.

Serve atop Pasta (serves two generously).

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto:

1 6-oz. jar Sun-Dried Tomato in Olive Oil
1 cup blanched Almond
Olive Oil

In Food Processor, process Tomato (and Oil) a bit. Add Almond with small amount Olive Oil. Process till a paste — Drizzle in more Olive Oil, continue processing till desired thickness with Oil. Store in covered container, refrigerated. Keeps for several weeks. Can always add more Olive Oil when ready to use.