Kale & Bean Soup with Parmesan

Kale & Bean Soup — With Potato, Carrot, & Parmesan

Soup with Potato, Carrot & Kale - Bowl by Steve Rolf

A tasty, healthy, ‘good stuff’ Soup!  The Kale adds a special, satisfying ‘chewy’ statement.  I added the Parmesan Cheese as a garnish, rather than mixing it in.  Adapted from Sweet Paul Magazine.

Ingredients / Prep:

Olive Oil
1 medium Onion, chopped
4 cloves Garlic – minced
4 Carrots – peeled, chopped
2 large Potatoes (Yukon Gold) – diced
1 Bay Leaf
1 tbsp. fresh Rosemary – chopped
6 cups Chicken stock
2 cups Water
1/4 cup grated Parmesan
1 lb Kale – ribbed, chopped
1 lb canned White Beans, rinsed
Fresh Lemon

Instructions / Assembly:

Heat Oil in large saucepan. Saute Onion, Garlic, Carrots, Potatoes, Bay Leaf and Rosemary till Onion becomes soft, about 5 minutes.

Add Chicken Stock and Water, bring to a boil — Add Potatoes and Bay Leaf.  Allow to simmer for 20-25 minutes. Add Kale, then Beans — Simmer another 10 minutes. Add Parmesan, simmer another few minutes.  Season with a squeeze of Lemon Juice, Salt and Pepper.  Serve in favorite Pottery Bowls — With rustic Bread!