Curried Chicken Soup with Veggies & Rice


Curried Chicken Soup with Veggies & Rice

        (Also known as Mulligatawny Soup)

This soup can be prepared two different ways….

A)    The straightforward method involves sautéing, then simmering the veggies in broth, then adding cooked rice and cooked chicken; serving with a dollop of yogurt in each bowl.

B)    I prefer the alternative (‘pureed’) method – I sauté and simmer the veggies in broth, then puree veggies through a food processor and add back into the broth to make a naturally ‘thickened’ soup. I mix in some yogurt at this point and add cooked chicken.  I serve over rice.

Two ingredients you’ll want to have on hand, or prepare along with the soup – Cooked rice and cooked chicken (equivalent to one whole chicken).

Ingredients / Prep:

 Unsalted Butter — as needed
1 med/large Onion – chopped
2 tsp. Curry Powder
1/4 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
4 – 6 Cloves
2 tbsp. Flour
5 – 6 stalks Celery – sliced
1 – 2 Yellow (or Red) Bell Peppers – seeded / chopped
2 tart Apples – peeled / sliced
Garlic / Ginger – peeled / minced
2 quarts Chicken Broth
5 – 6 Carrots – peeled / sliced
2 cups Rice — cooked
1 whole Chicken (or equivalent) – cooked/diced
Fresh Lime Juice (or Lemon Juice)
Salt / Pepper
Plain Yogurt
Fresh Cilantro

Directions / Assembly:

In heavy sauté pan melt Butter – Saute Onion, add Spices (Curry Powder, Cayenne, Cloves) and Flour – Continue sauté for one or two more minutes till Onions well coated.  Transfer to heavy soup pot or dutch oven.

Saute remaining veggies — Celery, Peppers, Apple, Garlic and Ginger.  As completed, add each sautéed ingredient to heavy soup pot.  When veggies all added to soup pot, stir in Chicken Broth – Bring to simmer.  Add Carrots, reduce heat a bit; allow to simmer 15 to 20 minutes.

Method A – When all veggies cooked and heated, stir in cooked Rice, then cooked Chicken.  Bring to a simmer again, add final seasonings – Lime Juice and Salt/Pepper.  Taste, adjust as necessary.  Serve with dollop of plain Yogurt and chopped Cilantro – Enjoy!!

Method B – If processing veggies, allow soup to cool a bit before processing.  Process solids in batches; add back to Broth.  Heat again – Mix in Yogurt (about one-half cup) or Heavy Cream; then cooked Chicken.  I often add Zucchini chunks (sliced and quartered) and/or Corn kernels – Simmer ten more minutes till all cooked.  Serve over cooked Rice with chopped Cilantro and Lime.  Yum!!

Serve with — Naan Wedges (Indian Flat-Bread)