Chicken Teriyaki with Soy, Orange & Honey


 Chicken Teriyaki — With Soy, Orange & Honey

I prefer to make this Teriyaki with only Chicken Thighs; you can certainly use a mix of thighs and drumsticks.  The secret to the Cooking Sauce is orange juice.

I mix up plenty of Marinade/ Cooking Sauce.  I start out cooking at a very high temperature; then reduce the heat and continue baking for long and slow cooking process.

The Chicken turns out unbelievably fall-off-the-bone tender and candy-coated!  The Cooking Sauce can be strained and served with the Chicken.  I like to make a big batch – It keeps well (refrigerated); and is great for picnics.

Ingredients / Prep:

16 – 20 Chicken Thighs
1-1/2 cup Orange Juice
1 cup Sake (Rice Wine)
3/4 or 1 cup Soy Sauce
1/3 cup Honey
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
Fresh Garlic/Ginger — Sliced or Minced (optional)

Procedure / Assembly:

If necessary, trim excess skin and fat from Thighs.  Depending of number of Thighs, arrange in one (or two) large, non-reactive baking dishes, skin side UP — Set aside while preparing marinade.

For marinade, mix all ingredients; pour over Thighs.  Marinate, if desired, for a few hours in refrigerator.  When ready to bake, place in oven preheated to 425 — Bake 20 – 30 minutes.

Reduce oven to 325.  Remove chicken from oven; turn all Thighs over (carefully) so skin side DOWN — Cover with foil. Return Thighs to oven — Bake at least 1 hour (or a bit more).

Again, remove from oven — Turn all Thighs over so skin side UP.  Return Thighs to oven, UNcovered — Bake another 15 – 20 minutes till Thighs are carmelized and “candy coated” with sauce.

Remove from oven; remove Thighs from baking pan. Pour Cooking Sauce into extra bowl to reserve.

Note — For serving, strain and remove layer of fat from Sauce.  If desired, add minced and sauteed Ginger and/or Sesame Seed.  Serve with Rice, and Sauce on the side.