Japan Connection

My initial interest in pottery started with Japanese dishes.  My first husband was Japanese-American.  It was through his family that I became fascinated with the many small dishes used for Japanese meals and snacks.  And it was through his family that I was introduced to the various Japanese foods, ingredients and cooking styles.  Initially, I knew nothing about miso, or wakame, or tofu, or daikon — Now, these are all everyday-yummy to me, especially on the ‘right’ dishes.

Today, as a ceramic artist, I love making small Japanese dishes — From sushi plates, to dipping dishes, to rice bowls, to noodle bowls, to larger sushi trays.  And I make Japanese tea cups (yunomi) and more serious tea bowls.

My first husband passed away a number of years ago; I still connect with his family.  My older son lives in Japan (Fukuoka City) and frequently visits his many relatives there.


One More Connection….

A brother-in-law is Dan Tani, US Astronaut — First Japanese-American in Space.  He’s completed two separate missions, four months on International Space Station, several critical-repair space walks — And he owns some of my pottery!