I’m Marcia Tani Paul — A ceramic artist in Minnesota.  I create work for three different firing methods — Soda fire, wood fire, and reduction firing.  Basically, I create functional pottery with ‘Japanese inspiration’ for everyday use and enjoyment.

And because I love food, and preparing food, and sharing food — I’m combining both interests.  There is such a connection between good food and the plate or bowl or platter that serves as presentation.

I’ve created this blog to share not only my own pottery, but pottery by other potters, pottery from my collection, pottery that I love and enjoy using — With food, with flowers, with soup, with grilled salmon, or with simple tasty snacks.  I look forward to sharing and showing pottery in use.  Hopefully a delicious endeavor — Enjoy.

                            My Web Site – www.MaashaClay.com


Background – I’ve long been a ‘foodie;’ but with my creative energies going into MAKING pots, and plates, and bowls, and teacups, and mugs, etc. etc. and keeping up with firing schedules, and loading and unloading kilns, etc. etc., I simply became less and less concerned with FOOD — The foods I once loved to prepare and share.

Then I recently watched the movie “Julie and Julia” (about Julia Child) — I was so re-inspired!!!

Yes, I love Butter!!

      Yes, I adore Duck!!

            Yes, I want to (seriously) cook again!!

My Plan — I hope to prepare (about once a week) something delectable, appealing, scrumptious-looking and then present in delightful, scrumptious-looking pottery.  I hope to prepare foods I haven’t made in quite awhile, I hope to prepare totally new dishes.  I will prepare simple dishes, complicated meals, ethnic dishes with ingredients I may not be able to find; whatever sounds challenging, whatever my tastebuds choose.  And for each creation, I will have fun selecting the plate, or bowl or platter for presentation — And then sharing on this Blog.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there,

    A friend just showed me your blog. Thank you so much for featuring my work. It is an honor and a wonderful surprise. This is a really nice blog too. I will be sure to check in on it in the future.


    David Peters

  2. Marcia, thanks for posting photos of the pots at Guillermo’s. I had intended to get there this year but can’t and to find your post Friday morning was really good! It makes me wish I was there but also makes me feel like I didn’t miss quite all of it, So, Thank You!!

    • Hi Darrel — Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. And sorry you couldn’t make it to the St. Croix Tour this time. With the good weather, it was so awesome to see so many great pots finding new owners and new homes. I was recently poking around the web…. I noticed you’ll be part of Driftless Art Fair. I finally managed to visit last year — What a cutie!! Absolutely love the ‘driftless’ area (my Farm is just over the first ridge outside of Tomah).
      Have a good summer — Marcia Paul

  3. Hi Marcia, I am a fellow potter/food-lover and stumbled on your blog quite by chance, a happy surprise. Wonderfully done, photos and all. I have a sort of feeble attempt at a similar marriage of food and pots on a facebook page, but since I am a solid Luddite I’ve done very little with it. Yours is a real pleasure, I love seeing the pots with food in them, which is the real test! I look forward to seeing more!
    Jane Herold

    • Hi Jane — Thank you so much for your recent comment on my Blog! Always enjoy hearing from a companion Potter/Foodie! And I enjoyed exploring YOUR web site — Very interesting kiln!! Hope you enjoy my latest posting (Dinner with Steve Rolf — We all had a day of foodie-fun)!
      — Marcia Paul

  4. I was just introduced to this blog by Sarah Lawless. I love it. I am a fellow potter (handbuilder) living near Kaslo as well. I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Paige — Thank you for your comment on my Blog! Wow — Another artist near Kaslo. We LOVED the Kootenay area, although I don’t know if we’ll ever get back (long drive from Minnesota).
      Happy potting — Marcia Paul

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