January 2018 — Soup

SOUP for the New Year!!

WOW — We’re already one week in to the NEW YEAR — 2018!  Wishing everyone a Happy New Year — And hoping you all enjoyed the Holidays (and the COLD weather) through December.

And to celebrate the new year — I am declaring January Blog-About-Soup Month.  Because January is a perfect month for hot, tasty, satisfying soup.  Also, because I have so many wonderful Soup Bowls in my life.

And because we’re already starting the second week of the month — I’m featuring a new (really tasty) soup in TWO different Bowls.  A Potato/Cauliflower Soup in a Bowl made by James Olney, and another Bowl made by MaashaClay (yep, that’s me).

The Food — Potato/Cauliflower Soup with Goat Cheese:

I recently stumbled on a recipe for Potato-with-Cauliflower Soup — And realized that I had ALL the ingredients I needed (and maybe a few extra).  I chopped up a whole head of cauliflower and roasted in the oven.  I chopped onion, garlic, carrot, and potato (Yukon Gold) — Then simmered in plenty of chicken stock (added a few herbs); added the roasted cauliflower at some point.  Pulverized all with an immersion blender.

Finally, mixed in a bit of heavy cream and a creamy goat cheese.  Ahhhh, SOUP — Perfect January Soup!!  Hearty-delicious!!  I will absolutely be making this again — I will definitely be adding BACON to this next time!!  Recipe available on my Recipes Page!!

The Pottery — Bowls by James Olney / MaashaClay:

Again, because it’s already the second week of January, I chose TWO different Bowls….

A delightful wood fired Bowl made by James Olney.  I picked up a set of these bowls a few years ago at NCECA.  I totally enjoy using them — For soup, or pasta, or even a goopy dessert.

Also, a MaashaClay Bowl — A more ‘Asian’ style — White stoneware, soda fired with slips and ash glazes.  I always enjoy making these bowls — For soup, or noodles, or rice, or more soup.

And that’s my first ‘January-Soup’ Posting — Wishing everyone a happy, productive, and joyful 2018

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