Dessert — For Real

Pumpkin Cake Roll with Mascarpone Filling:

Thanksgiving was a week ago — I hope everyone enjoyed a delightful holiday dinner!!

In my previous Posting, I shared my quandary about which dessert to serve for Turkey Day.  It’s time I let you know of my dessert-decision — The ACTUAL Dessert that I made.  A yummy, creamy, very gingery Pumpkin Cake Roll — And actually quite easy.

Note — I would have posted all of this sooner, except Husband (Photo-Guy) just bought a NEW Camera (Exciting).  We shot some tasty-looking photos right away.  Then we discovered that our versions of PhotoShop and LightRoom (where we ‘develop’ our photos) could not support the new Camera files.  So we went through a few rounds of updating the software on our computers — And finally, I could develop the photos.  And finally, I can now post….

The Food — Pumpkin Cake Roll with Gingered Mascarpone Filling:

I was preparing the entire Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  For dessert, I wanted something fun, delicious, and NEW — I was feeling adventurous?  I discovered a Pumpkin Cake with Mascarpone Filling (and lots of Candied Ginger) on Barefoot Contessa web site.  I could not resist — Cake Rolls are quite easy, both cakey and creamy, and visually interesting.  And all the flavors (pumpkin, spices, candied ginger) sounded perfect.  In fact, before adding the filling, I drizzled the cake with a bit more flavor — A mixture of orange liqueur and maple syrup.  Definitely YUM!

Dessert was a light-but-scrumptious ending to our Thanksgiving Dinner!!  Recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Maasha Plates:

I’m serving slices of my Pumpkin Cake Roll on my Maasha Plates — White stoneware, soda fired with slips and ash glazes.  I have a stack of these plates.  They’re perfect for so many nibbles — Desserts, of course, and also sandwiches, snacks, appetizers, small salads, etc.!!  They’re so comfortable and easy to grab — I really need to make more of these!

And that’s my Dessert Story — The REAL Dessert that I served.

And I’ve just noticed — It’s already DECEMBER!!  I hope everyone is looking forward to this last month of the year!

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