Autumn Flavors – Wild Rice and More

Wild Rice with Sage-Sausage and Apple:

WOW — I’ve really let a lot of time slip by since my last Posting!

That would be since last August — While my older son was visiting (from Germany) for most of the month.  Followed by a short vacation in early September (Minnesota North Shore).  Followed by several Art and Pottery events through a GORGEOUS Autumn, as well as a pleasant trip down to my Farm in Wisconsin….

I’ve simply not been able to Post on my Blog till now, and it’s already NOVEMBER!!  One confession — My Photoshop software quit behaving.  Simply would not load on my computer.  We shoot all our photos in Camera-Raw format, so I really need Photoshop for developing and prepping, etc.  I kept getting a Message — ‘Unrecoverable’!  Well that was discouraging!!  Actually, I suspected it was likely just a memory or hard disk issue — I’ve now cleaned up many, many (so many) files on my computer, and all is working fine!!

I can Blog again!!  And I’m so ready to share some Autumn Flavors — Squash!  Wild Rice!  Apples!  Pumpkin!

The Food — Wild Rice with Sage-Sausage and Apple:

I’ve shared this Wild Rice/Sausage Baked Dish in a previous Posting.  It’s so tasty/wonderful — I begin craving it every Autumn, as I hear news snippets about the Wild Rice Harvest in Minnesota.  Made with naturally harvested Wild Rice — Sauteed onion, garlic, and mushroom; sauteed pork-sausage-with-sage.  Then all mixed together with a bit of chopped carrot and sauteed apple.  Then plenty of butter and cream (so rich) — And baked.  Sooooo Yummy/Rich — Addictive!!!!

I’m serving as a ‘Main’ with butternut squash and Brussels sprouts — Autumn delicious!!  Minnesota comfort food!  Recipe available on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Wood Fired Bowl by Dick Cooter:

I’m serving my Wild Rice dish in a WONDERFUL wood fired Bowl made by Minnesota Artist, Dick Cooter.  Plate-size, shallow Bowl — Perfect for an Autumn Dinner of Wild Rice.  And very fitting….Dick Cooter (and his wife Debbie) live in northern Minnesota and generally participate in harvesting their own Wild Rice.  Note: A license is required.

I’m sharing a photo of the Bowl, and an additional Dick Cooter Pot — A delightful (very special) Pedestal Dish.

And that’s my finally-Blogging-again Autumn Post….

I hope everyone is enjoying November, and looking forward to Thanksgiving!!  And more Autumn flavors!

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