New Bowl / Tasty Summer Dinner

Grilled Shrimp with Chorizo and Polenta:

Ever since my last posting — I’ve been BUSY!!  Busy with out-of-town guests!!  Friends from Chicago,  my younger son from Las Vegas, and now, my older son from Germany.  All of that means BUSY with non-stop food!!  New dishes to try, favorite restaurants to visit, appetites to keep filled and happy.

Furthermore, I’ve been busy making new Pots.  Trying new glazes and new glaze combinations, along with some of my tried-and-true standards.  I’ve also been making totally new Pots — Basic Bowls, but very cut up with textured inserts.  I’m not sure where this creative twist is coming from — But I’m definitely having FUN!!

Above — Boat-Shaped Vessel With Cut-Outs and Textured Inserts

Above — Round Vessel, Slashed, Re-Assembled, with Cut-Outs and Textured Inserts

But even on a creative whirl, I do need to serve ‘something’ for dinner to my Guests.  So it’s fun trying out a few new Pasta Bowls with Grilled Shrimp and Cheesy Polenta!!

The Food — Grilled Shrimp with Cheesy Polenta and Chorizo:

I was so in the mood for Shrimp — But at the same time, I also had some Chorizo sausage from my co-op market (I love their Chorizo).  I prepared a mixture of sauteed onion (and garlic), crumbled Chorizo, roasted tomato, and spices.  Then I lightly marinated and grilled the shrimp.  All served with a delightful dollop of very cheesy polenta (loaded with fresh corn kernals).  Wonderful (tasty) summer comfort food!!

The Pottery — New Maasha Bowl:

I’m serving my tasty Shrimp-&-Chorizo dinner in one of my new (Maasha) Pasta Bowls — Rimmed Bowl, stoneware, slips (white and gold) and ash glazes.  I love the concept of ‘Pasta Bowls’ — Great for so many one-dish meals!  Pasta dishes (obviously), curry dishes, stews, stir-fry dishes, salads, etc. etc.  Definitely making more of these (with various textures and tones) — I just need a resupply of CLAY!!

And that’s my report on early August — New pots, plenty of food, and several wonderful guests!  Happy summer everyone!!

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