Very White Glazes

Banana Bread Pudding:

Summer is zipping along — And I’ve been busy making Pots that I’m happy to glaze with a quiet, cool-white glaze.  Plates, bowls, more plates, more bowls.  I’ve even been trying white-with-black — That’s been FUN!  I’m enjoying the minimalist statement, the simplicity….

I’m also getting ready for each of my sons to visit for a few weeks.  My younger son visits every summer; my older son has been studying in Europe for three years — And has NOT been back to the ‘States in that time.  In any case,  I will need plenty of ‘extra’ food around for those additional appetites.  I’ve been making (and freezing) Lasagne Sauce, Moussaka Sauce, Chili —  And a few loaves of my Banana Bread (that would be Banana Bread with Apricot and Amaretto).  I’ve already run out of room in my freezer.

So I thought I’d just indulge in a bit of Banana Bread right now, for Dessert….  I made a Bread Pudding!!

The Food — Banana Bread Pudding:

So after making ‘umpteen’ loaves of my Banana Bread (again, Banana Bread with Apricot and Amaretto) — I simply had to try something more exotic.  I sliced an entire loaf into cubes — Tossed with the eggs/milk/cream mixture — Plopped into a Baking Dish and baked.  Perfect!!  Perfectly baked, moist, delicious — Exotic flavors, delightful!!

Served with ice cream and a few Peach slices.  Perfect Summer (comfort-food) Dessert!!  Recipe for Banana Bread on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Maasha Pots

I’m serving my Banana Bread Pudding in a small Maasha Bowl — White stoneware, white satin glaze with dusty, textured rim.

And again — I’m having fun with this quiet, cool-white glaze….

And that’s my Minnesota Summer so far.  Hope everyone is enjoying Summer as well — Especially, Summer Desserts!!

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