Pottery for the Pup….


Yeesh — It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted.  Yes — April, May, and June totally ZIPPED by.  I was so non-stop busy with Art Events — Our Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour, the St. Croix Pottery Tour, etc/etc.  Actually, I go through this busy/busy every year — So busy, so preoccupied, but totally wonderful!!

And this year, Husband was truly toooooo busy to photograph for me — Meetings, unexpected Meetings, more Meetings.  I just went into Blog-Hiatus mode.

And now, it’s already July????

So, through it all — We’ve become Dog-People.  Ever since last winter, when Husband’s Mom was recovering from a fall, we’ve had Riley-the-Dog.  When it was time to return him after three months, we had become just a wee bit attached — We requested shared-custody.

Basically, Riley now resides back and forth, every two weeks.  And of course, he now has his own collection of Pottery — When he’s with us, he enjoys all his meals and snacks in hand-made Pots and Bowls….

Riley’s Pottery:

Above — Riley’s Breakfast ‘Cup’ — Shino Glaze with carbon-trapped rim.
Riley’s Kibble Bowl – Matt Glaze with tape-resist design.

Above — Riley’s Kibble Bowl – Matt Glaze with tape-resist design.
Riley’s Water Dish — Stoneware with slips and ash glazes.

Above — Riley’s Bowl of Treats — Soda Fired, white stoneware with Slips.
We keep this Bowl in the cupboard — He only gets one Treat at a time.

Above — Riley contemplating his nearly-empty Kibble Bowl.

Riley LOVES Ice Cream:

Riley LOVES (Loves) Ice Cream.  If Husband and I have a small bowl of Ice Cream in the evening — Riley loves to lick the Bowl (he’s so polite about it).  Sometimes we just give him a spoonful in his own dish — Wow, he’s happy-Pup!!

Above — Riley’s current Ice Cream Bowls — Wood Fired Bowls made by Simon Levin, Alana Cuellar.
On the right, Soda Fired (Maasha) Bowl with slips and ash glazing.

Above — Riley with Ice Cream Bowl.

And that’s the overview of Riley’s Pottery Collection.  Hope you enjoyed it — Now I need to get to my Studio and make a few more Pots!  So HAPPY/HAPPY SUMMER, everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Pottery for the Pup….

  1. Most AWESOME Treat for us this morning, Marcia . Riley is a doll indeed & he won the lottery with you & Bob ( Mom too, I’m sure) in his life.

    Big Hugs & Love Marsha…💜hoping to see you soon💜 Meg & Jim too

  2. Dear Marsha, Is Riley a maltese and poodle mix? He looks just like my Buddy! Buddy has his own set of pottery dishes.
    Jim Lorio pottery of course, ask Meg. I have missed your blogs and recipes, but I know how busy you have been. Here’s wishing you a lovely, peaceful summer,

  3. We are also “dog people”, so we appreciate the special dinnerware for our special friends. Great pics?!

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