Rhubarb — And Winners

Rhubarb/Peach Pudding Cake:

Well, Spring is certainly zipping along (an early Spring is so appreciated in Minnesota).  For quite a while now, we’ve enjoyed modest Spring temperatures (actually, there was a quick snowfall a few weeks ago).  The leaves on the trees are budding.  More and more grassy areas are greening up.  And most importantly, my FROGS are out, chirping and roaring in their happy puddles and ponds.

And of course, I’m starting to consider some Springtime flavors — Tasty strawberries, earthy asparagus, tart rhubarb, and maybe in another month, some heavenly morels…….

The Winners / The Winners:

But before I continue with Springtime flavors and recipes — I want to announce the WINNERS of my recent Give-Away!

The Winner of the Maasha Plate is Pam Young, of Nebraska.  The Runner-Up Winner of the small Bowl is Judy Anderson, of the Twin Cites.  Congratulations to both Winners!  And thank you / thank you to everyone who entered and submitted Comments.

The Food — Rhubarb/Peach Pudding Cake:

With an early Spring, I’ve started thinking of Rhubarb.  I don’t get to grow any (not enough sunshine in my forest), but I spotted some bright red stalks at the market.  I thought of a colorful (and possibly delicious) combination — Rhubarb with Peaches.  I found canned-with-no-sugar-added Peaches.  I dug through my recipes.

I prepped the fruit — Chopped the rhubarb, drained the peaches, tossed with a bit of sugar and candied ginger.  Then mixed up a quick cobbler/cake batter.  I dumped the fruit into a baking dish; I poured the batter over and popped into the oven.

The results — Quite Springtime tasty/yummy!!  Especially with ice cream!!  Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Eight-Sided Baking Dish:

I prepared my Rhubarb/Peach Cake/Cobbler in one of my octagonal (Maasha) Baking Dishes — Stoneware, soda fired with slips and plenty of ash.  I love making these — Thrown on the wheel, then altered, bashed and dented, and finally trimmed with a foot/ring.

I love choosing different glaze treatments — Sometimes soda fired, sometimes just reduction fired for a more ‘quiet’ look.  Whatever I bake in them — Always tasty!!

And that’s my Minnesota (early) Spring.  And again, Congratulations to the Winners of my Give-Away!  Hope everyone is enjoying Springtime, wherever you are.  We’re expecting thunderstorms later tonight — My FROGS will be happy!!

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb — And Winners

    • Glad you’re enjoying the Plate, Pam! And yes, I thought Rhubarb with PEACHES would be a new combo — It definitely worked!! Really a bit tired of Rhubarb and Strawberry….

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