Two More Days – GiveAway

Pottery GiveAway:

Just a Reminder — Still celebrating SEVEN years of Blogging.  A chance to win a happy new Maasha Plate (and also, a small Maasha Bowl).  Enter by Midnight Friday, March 31st.

New Work — WHITE Glazes:

As I explained in my last posting — For quite a while, I’ve been wanting to find some ‘white’ glazes that please me.  I feel like transitioning beyond so much soda firing (with color and design and pizzazz) to something more quiet.  So far, I’m playing with a silky white glaze, that works well over a black slip — For some textured interest and geometric statements.  While I’ve been experimenting, I’m happy to offer a few happy results….

Pottery GiveAway — Two Pieces:

As a GiveAway — I’m offering two pieces/prizes.  For first-place, a Plate — And for Runner-up, a small Bowl.  Instructions for entering below….

Above — As a first-place prize, a Small White Plate (perfect for sandwich, salad, or dessert, or whatever)
Hand built, white stoneware with black/grey textured highlights, and a white satin glaze.

Above — As a runner-up prize, a Small White-with-Black textured Bowl (think rice bowl, or ice cream)
Again, hand built, white stoneware, with a white satin glaze.

How To Enter (very simple):

1 –You send in a COMMENT (click on ‘Comments’ below) — USA/Canada only, please.

Let me know if you’re a fellow Potter, a fellow Foodie, a fellow Blogger, a Collector, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter more than once; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

2 — I will compile all Comments received by Deadline of FRIDAY, March 31st (Midnight).

3 — My Nephew (who is now just past TEN) will draw a Winner (and a Runner-Up Winner).  Nephew has been doing this since I started Blogging.

4 — I will contact the Winner for a ship-to address.

5 — I will announce the Winners on the following Blog Post.

And that’s how to Enter the Give-Away.  A celebration, and a THANK YOU to everyone following my Blog!!  Best Wishes for a happy almost-Spring — And a happy Winner!

3 thoughts on “Two More Days – GiveAway

  1. Happy anniversary! Thank you for blogging about two of my favorite things… pottery and food! I like this new glaze and the way it breaks over the black. I’ve been wanting to try some new glazes too, but just haven’t found the time. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any glaze testing. About time! Pam

  2. You always have such great looking food on really cool looking pots. I am a long time pottery collector and enjoy your blog. Congrats on the anniversary.

  3. Hello Marcia,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the person
    that had the mix up at the Art Crawl couple years back and my sister lives very close to you on Kiley Court. When we spoke, you told me if I’m ever in town to get a hold of you to see your pottery. I don’t know if your available this weekend but would we be able to connect?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sent from my iPhone

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