Winter – First Cold Snap

Peruvian Pork Stew:

Winter has finally arrived!  We had been enjoying very moderate temperatures (for Minnesota) all through November — But now barely a week into December, Winter has finally decided to swoop in.  Temperatures dropped last night, after loading the soda kiln yesterday afternoon — The wind has been howling all day, and we’re expecting quite a chill (with more winds) the rest of the week.  And maybe, a bit of white, fluffy snow this weekend.

I’ve been busy making (and firing) new pots, and quite a few new plates.  I’ve also been busy volunteering my time at several Art Centers — Helping out with their Holiday Shows/Sales.  A favorite Show — Art for the Holidays at Minnetonka Center for the Arts.  I’ve been helping out every weekend since Thanksgiving — And yes, there are a few MaashaClay Pots available for sale.


Above — Always a GORGEOUS show!  Art for the Holidays at Minnetonka Center for the Arts in Wayzata.

In any case, with our arrival of winter — It’s time to find my boots and gloves, time to get the snow shovel ready by the door, time for a crackling fire in the fireplace.  And, it’s time for a hearty winter meal — I’m trying a Peruvian Pork Stew, with potato, apple, and lime.


The Food – Peruvian Pork Stew with Potato, Apple, and Lime:

I noticed this recipe recently, in a brochure from my local market.  I decided it was a ‘must-try’!!  Pork shoulder, cut up, rubbed with spices,  and browned — Then simmered in a cider, Tequila (OK, I added the Tequila on my own), spicy stock mixture.  After an hour of gentle cooking, potato chunks added, then eventually, apple chunks added.  Then all wonderfully cooked (stewed) for another hour.  Finally, served over either rice or cheesy grits (polenta) with lime and cilantro.

So tasty!!  Pork was fall-apart tender, flavors hearty, and balanced, and spicy-wonderful!  Perfect for the first winter cold snap!  I will absolutely be making this again — In the coming Winter months, January, February, and probably March.  Recipe available on my Recipes Page.


The Pottery — MaashaClay Bowls:

I’m serving my tasty Pork Stew in several MaashaClay Bowls.  I’ve been making quite a few ‘Country-Contemporary’ Bowls with my Zig-Zag design — Stoneware, slip with ash glazes.  Perfect for pasta, or salad, or curry, or Peruvian Pork Stew!!



I’m also serving in a squared MaashaClay Bowl — Hand-built, slip with ash glazes.  Bowl makes a great ‘individual’ serving bowl — I really love the dramatic (square) statement!!


So Happy December, everyone — Wishing you a hearty winter meal, and much fun with your Holiday Shopping!



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