Thanksgiving with Pumpkin Trifle

Pumpkin Cake with Maple Whipped Cream:

WOW — It’s the Day-Before-Thanksgiving!!  And even though I am not preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, I certainly have FOOD on my mind. this past weekend, I prepared a Turkey Breast with Cranberry Glaze.  It was quite tasty (brined it first in apple cider) — But nearly as much work as cooking a whole turkey.  Next time, I will just cook a WHOLE turkey.


So far this month, I’ve been busy with upcoming Holiday Sales — Getting pots delivered, and attending a few Openings.

And l’ve been busy making and firing more pots.  Last week I was part of TWO firings — Glazing and loading a few pots (and plates) for a Soda Firing.  Then glazing and loading for an all-day firing in a small reduction kiln.  Then of course — Unloading the goodies is always fun.

So after two firings, I thought I would try making a tasty/creamy dessert.  I noticed a recipe for a quick and easy Pumpkin Trifle — Using Pumpkin Bread (from a bakery).  Sounded pumpkin-yummy….


The Food — Pumpkin Trifle with Caramel and Maple Whipped Cream:

I’ve not made a Trifle in quite a while.  I thought I would dive in with something easy.  I found a delightful Pumpkin Bread at a local bakery — Cut in cubes and tossed with a bit of Grand Marnier.  Then layered with a hefty drizzle of Maple-Caramel sauce, followed by my own Mascarpone-Whipped Cream (with a bit of Maple Syrup).  Then, a few hours in the fridge.

Yep — That was definitely EASY, and pumpkin yummy/delightful!!  And a note — I also included a bit of gingerbread with the bottom layer.  If I make this again, I would use only the pumpkin bread.


The Pottery — Small Cups and Small Plates:

I’m serving my Pumpkin Trifle, with its playful layers, in various individual cups and dishes.

First, serving in small glass bowls presented on FAVORITE Small Plates made by Alana Cuellar, currently making pots with her Dad, Guillermo.  I LOVE this set of Small Plates!!!  Delightfully wood fired!  Perfect for my small glass Trifle Bowls.


I’m also serving my Trifle in a few small cups made by Warren Mackenzie, with Shino glaze.  Also presented on Alana’s Small Plates.


And that’s my quick-and-easy Pumpkin Trifle — Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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