Officially Summer!!

June / Summer / My Birthday:

Here we are, the month of JUNE (for several weeks now).  And, it is officially Summer — As of yesterday (Summer Solstice).  Actually, all this month, we have been enjoying a delightful Minnesota Summer!!


I’ve been busy making quite a few new Pots, although I’ve not fired anything yet.  I’ve also been hosting several out-of-town Guests, and I just ran down to Northfield to help out with another (new) Pottery Tour — Eureka Pots with Colleen Riley and Donovan Palmquist.

And June is my Birthday Month!!!  The exact day does not matter — I just love having an excuse for indulging in as many DESSERTS as I want!  So, after several weeks of entertaining out-of-town guests, I am sharing a favorite Dessert.  A Chocolate/Banana Mousse Tart!  I actually made/shared this a few months ago — My taste-buds have been craving it (again) ever since…..

The Food –  Chocolate/Banana Mousse Tart:

I first made/posted this Tart a few months ago — It was easy, it was delicious, totally enjoyable!  I’ve been wanting to make it again (with a few ‘adjusted’ ingredients).  A gingersnap crust, a creamy/moussy mixture of cream cheese (I used Marscopone), Nutella (I used Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter), whipped cream — All plopped atop the crust layered with banana slices.


So easy (no baking) and absolutely Summer-Delightful!  Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Maasha Plates:

And I’m sharing my Chocolate Birthday Treat on my new Maasha Plates!  Dessert Plates, Dinner Plates, Pizza Plates, more Dessert Plates — Stoneware, slips and ash glazes — All with (lightly carved) geometric statements.



This is a slightly new design approach for me — I’ve already created quite a ‘stack’ of Plates.  I guess that means I can serve many slices of Chocolate/Banana Tart….

So — Happy Happy Summer everyone!!


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