Busy Springtime — Lemon/Cream Cheese Bites

Recovering — Two Busy/Busy Months:

It has been too many weeks since I’ve posted — I do feel guilty for not keeping up.  April and May are always my super busy, majorly overwhelmed, months.  And this year, once again, I was sooooooooo busy with my Lake Minnetonka Tour  followed (immediately) by the St. Croix Pottery Tour.

For the Lake Minnetonka Tour, I always need to prep my entire house (pack away most of my ‘collection’ and set up my own Pots for display/sale) and also get things ready throughout my house for my Guest Artists.  I also needed to make-and-fire a final batch of Pots — In an unfamiliar kiln, because the ‘usual’ kiln had a chimney collapse.  Extra stress.


Above — The Lake Minnetonka Tour.  One of my display tables, full of Maasha Pots.

To summarize, our Lake Minnetonka Tour was so successful (and FUN) this year.  I hosted three additional Artists as Guests, we had gorgeous weather the entire weekend, and best/best friend, Judi, came up from Chicago.  We all had such a good time!!

Then, right away the following weekend — I always run up to help my friends during the St. Croix Pottery Tour.  I love helping out at Studio of Guillermo Cuellar (and his seven other Guest Potters).  With another weekend of still-gorgeous weather, and soooooooo many wonderful Pots, (and so much Food), the St. Croix Event was a major success for everyone!!


Above — At Guillermo Cuellar Studio along the St. Croix River.  So many tables loaded with so many Pots.

And through it all, I simply couldn’t keep up with my Blog.

So now, I can finally recover — And life is returning to ‘normal’.  I’ve been busy making Pots, and already firing a load in the kiln.  And I’ve had a taste for something Springy.  I’ve made a batch of my Lemon/Cream Cheese Bars (Bites).


The Food — Lemon/Cream Cheese Bites:

I always make these as refreshments for my Tour.  This year, several people asked for the Recipe — So I’ve made another batch.  And wanting to try something really tart and tangy (and experimental), I added a bit of chopped Rhubarb — Yep, really tasty!!


And these Lemon/Cream Cheese Bites are simple/easy — Made with a Cake Mix (lemon Cake Mix) spread out in a 9″ x 13″ pan, then an easy layer of lemony cream cheese.  Bake for a short while — And you have a perfect Springtime snack!!  Or a delightful dessert served with fresh strawberries!!

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — St. Croix Acquisitions:

And of course, I picked up a few new Pots during the St. Croix Tour.  I’m presenting my Lemon/Cream Cheese Bites  on a FAVORITE new Plate (two plates, actually) made by Ceramic Artist, Mark Pharis.  I absolutely LOVED these Plates!!  The trapezoid form, the minimalist geometric statement — Sophisticated yet playful.  I couldn’t get just one — I had to get at least two….


And a few more special Pots….

I also picked up a charming/rustic Teapot, made by Minnesota Artist, Dick Cooter — Very wood fired, with a lovely, lustery Shino glaze.  Yippee!  I finally added a Dick Cooter Teapot to my life!!


I also picked up a wonderful large Jar/Vessel made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio — Love the form, wonderful wood fired effects.  This definitely goes on display in my kitchen!!


And that wraps up the past two months — So busy with Art Events.  Happy Spring-Almost-Summer everyone!


Above — The St. Croix Pottery Tour.  All the lovely Vases — Getting Vases ready with flowers.


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