NCECA – Kansas City

Ceramics Conference in Kansas City:

I’m getting ready for a short trip.  NCECA is an annual Ceramics Conference — This year, in Kansas City.  I have not attended for the past few years — It’s time I jumped back in.  It’s always fun, and so inspiring, to find so many workshops, and exhibitions, and info-sessions, and gallery receptions, packed into one spot!  And it’s such a kick to run into so many pottery friends from all around the country.

But before I leave — I’m choosing a Maasha Mug to take with me — To offer as donation to a major Cup Sale (scholarship fund-raiser).  I think I’ll take a few of my latest Wonky Mugs — White stoneware, soda fired.


And I’m sure I’ll find plenty of yummy Kansas City food (barbecue perhaps?) while I’m there.  But Husband is staying behind and he’ll need a meal or two.  Among other morsels, I just made him a big batch of a tasty ‘Curry’ — A Lentil and Cauliflower Stew.


The Food — Curried Lentil / Cauliflower Stew:

I recently found a recipe that sounded tasty and probably healthy.  The main reason I jumped on it — I actually had ALL of the ingredients it called for (plus a few more).  Red Lentils cooked up with sauteed onion, garlic and ginger (and curry spices).  Then happy additions of roasted cauliflower, roasted sweet potato, peas, spinach,  Served with rice, or naan — A totally easy, tasty meal, or snack.  And with additional broth, it could easily become more of a ‘soup’.

Quite ‘comfort-food’ delicious — And Husband will have something to munch (or slurp) while I’m partying in Kansas City.

The Pottery — Zac Spates Soup Bowl:

I am sharing my tasty Lentil Stew in a wonderful, generous Bowl made by Wisconsin Artist, Zac Spates — Stoneware, wonderfully wood fired.  I love the rich, toasty, ashy/flashy interior of this Bowl.  And it was a perfect match for a serving of robust ‘Curry’.


I’ve shared a few of Zac Spates’ (always wood fired) pieces in the past — Some favorites include our set of faceted tumblers, and I love the sweet rectangular tray!!


And now — I’m all packed for Kansas City.  It’s only a 6-1/2 hour drive.  Will I see you there??


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