Birthday Guy

Mac and Cheese with Lobster:

My husband recently (a few weeks ago) had a Birthday.  And I decided to make one of his favorites — Mac and Cheese, embellished with a few (quite a few) chunks of Lobster!

But before I talk about his tasty Birthday Dish, I want to note that today is LEAP DAY — That every-fourth-year-calendar-anomaly; that giddy, extra day in February.  From a few of my Frogs — Happy Leap Day, everyone!


And now, back to my normal life — Making many pots, mixing a few new glazes, and making a batch of Mac and Cheese for the Birthday Guy.  Actually, for his ‘exact’ Birthday, we went out to dinner; then the next evening I prepared his cheesy Mac and Cheese Lobster Dish.


The Food — Mac and Cheese with Lobster:

My Husband LOVES Mac and Cheese — A nostalgia-thing for him.  I decided it would be fun to make as his ‘Birthday Dish’ this year.   I prepared a basic ‘white sauce’, added some tasty cheeses (a lovely cheddar, Gruyere), plenty of milk and cream.  I used Ziti for the pasta, and with chunks of lobster, mixed it all together in a Maashaclay Baking Dish.  Then gently baked, till just golden on the top.  Husband was totally happy — And, the next day, he got ALL the leftovers!


The Pottery — Maashaclay Pots:

For Husband’s Birthday Dish — Of course I used my own Maasha Pots!  Baked in one of my great-for-everything Octagon Bakers — Stoneware, with slip and ash glazing.  And I had fun serving (each of us) in my Overlapped Pedestal Bowls — Hand-built, soda fired with slips and glazes.  A fun, elegant way to serve a simple, but tasty dish for Husband’s Birthday!!


And — For a bite of Birthday Dessert, we had a few Chocolate-Raspberry Cupcakes (filled with raspberry mousse) from YUM Bakery….


And that was my Husband’s Birthday Celebration.  Hope everyone is enjoying the last (LEAPING) day of February — And looking forward to a happy March!



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