A Winner! A Winner!

A Snow Storm and a Winner:

Hooray — I can announce a Winner for my recent Pottery GiveAway!!  Teresa in West Virginia is the Winner of my MaashaClay slightly wonky, soda fired Vase!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Teresa; and Thank You / Thank You to all other followers of my Blog!!


Hooray, also — We had a major (delightful) Snow Storm this past week.  I realize that it was not quite the news-maker as the recent East Coast storm (three feet), but here in Minnesota, a ten-inch-snowfall is just right!!


So, what did I do on my snow-day??  I got a fire going in the fireplace.  I made a big batch of Lasagne (my short-cut Lasagne, of course).  And celebrated Husband’s (recent) Birthday with a bite of chocolate….


Above — Wonderful, cheesy Lasagne in MaashaClay (boat-shaped) Baking Dish.


Above — A chocolate treat from Patrick’s French Bakery (an absolute chocolate-moussy favorite).

So that’s how I spent my Snow Day!!  Now I have quite a few just-made Mugs that all need handles….

And I do think those deck-chairs look extra cushy!  Wishing everyone a very Happy February!!


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