Breakfast — And a Give-Away

Breakfast Quiche — On Lorio Plate:

First, a reminder — Pottery Give-Away!!  Celebrating SIX years of Blogging — Giving away sweet (slightly wonky) Soda Fired Vase.  Enter (see below) with Comment through January 31st.


And now, I’m in the mood for a January Breakfast — On a favorite plate, made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio.  Here in Minnesota, we’ve had a mostly mild winter so far — Till about two weeks ago.  Suddenly, we had a full weekend of very below-zero temps.  Time to stay inside, start a fire in the fireplace, and enjoy a relaxing Sunday Breakfast!


The Food — Breakfast Quiche-Without-A-Crust:

Yes, my always-tasty Quiche-Without-A-Crust.  Egg, cottage cheese, plenty of grated cheddar, sauteed onion, and whatever vegie I have available (broccoli, broccoli).  Baked to a perfect eggy/cheesy breakfast-deliciousness.  Served with the usual breakfast accompaniments — Smokey bacon, fruit, and toast.  Note — We just got a new amazing toaster over the holidays.  And again, the Quiche made a perfect, satisfying (January) breakfast!!

The Pottery — Plates by Jim Lorio:

I’m presenting my Breakfast Quiche on a wonderful (new) Plate made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio.  Wheel-thrown, stoneware with slip (textured) and ash glaze.  I love the light subtle tones, the textural interest, the comfortable earthiness.  I LOVE this plate so much — I got a SET of these.


And on another Jim Lorio piece — I love the similar ashy glaze treatment on this Pitcher.  The (vertical) ash drips work so perfectly on the elongated neck!


And now — Back to the Pottery Give-Away (MaashaClay Vase)….


How To Enter (very simple):

1 –You send in a COMMENT (click on ‘Comments’ below) — USA/Canada only, please.

Let me know if you’re a fellow Potter, a fellow Foodie, a fellow Blogger, a Collector, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter more than once; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

2 — I will compile all Comments received by Deadline of SUNDAY, January 31st (Midnight)

3 — My Nephew (who is now TEN) will draw a Winner (He’s been doing this since I started Blogging).

4 — I will contact the Winner for a ship-to address.

5 — I will announce the Winner on the following Blog Post.

Happy Late-January everyone!!


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