Soup / Chowder / Soup

Soup — Butternut Squash with Corn and Bacon:

OMG — We’re already ten days (oops, today is the 11th) into 2016!!  A very Happy New Year to everyone….

I always love the sense of a ‘fresh start’ with the new year — Cleaning my studio (MUCH needed) and starting up again with pots.  Making pots I couldn’t quite get to with the demands of the Holidays.  And while I’m busy with my my studio and trying a few new things with clay — I just want simple, basic, easygoing foods.  Soup and sandwich works for me.


The Food — Butternut Squash/Corn Chowder with Bacon:

So now that the Holidays are behind us, I’ve made a Soup/Chowder with some winter ingredients (roasted Butternut Squash), as well as a bright hit of Corn (because I froze quite a bit of corn last summer).  I sauteed cut-up bits of my favorite smokey bacon, then in the same pan, sauteed plenty of onion and garlic.  Then added already roasted Butternut Squash and chicken stock — Then a bit of chili paste (for spicy/heat), and plenty of frozen (just thawed) corn.  After simmering a bit, I used my handy immersion blender to pulverize everything — And call it ‘soup’ (or ‘chowder’).

And yes, a truly tasty, wonderful-texture, Soup.  A bit of ‘winter’ with a bit of ‘summer’ — And the chili paste adds just the right ‘heat’!  Garnished with either more bacon, or a sprinkle of grated Parmesan.  Recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Bowls by Three Potters:

This soup was so (so) tasty/yummy — I’m sharing in three different small bowls, by three different Potters….

I recently acquired a small, triangular, footed bowl, made by Minnesota Artist, Peter Jadoonath.  I know I will LOVE using this delightful bowl — For soup, for ice cream, or more soup.  Or for condiments when I’m serving tacos…….


I always love soup (or chowder) in one of my Simon Levin Bowls — (I have several of these).  Simon Levin, a Wisconsin Artist — Creates wonderful (absolutely wonderful) wood fired work.  Of course, any soup is delicious in this bowl!!


Finally, I’m enjoying a small ‘cup’ of soup with a bit of toasty bread — In a delightful yunomi made by Paul Dresang.  Wonderfully wood fired, with a sumptuous shino glaze.  Paul Dresang is a Wisconsin Artist, but teaches at Southern Illinois University.  I love the rustic charm of this piece.


Again — Wishing everyone a Happy Happy New Year!!  A year of tasty food, and wonderful pottery, in your life.


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