Happy Holidays – Without Snow

Eggnog Mousse — No Snow:

Holidays!  Holidays!  Here we are, the day before Christmas — And we have NO SNOW.  Yes, we’ve had a few flakes waft through the air (a few weeks ago), but we’ve had NO significant snowfall yet this winter.  Here in Minnesota, we are snowless!  So I’m including a photo of snow, just for atmosphere….


But — I do want to wish everyone Happy Holidays.  Whatever your Holiday; whatever your snow situation — A sincere wish for Peace and Happiness through the Holiday Season.  And I’m celebrating with an Eggnog Mousse — Served on a delightful plate by Minnesota Artist, Mark Pharis.


The Food — Eggnog Mousse:

So Eggnog is a holiday thing.  I thought I’d try an Eggnog Mousse — Eggnog, mascarpone, nutmeg, whipped up with a bit of booze, all folded in with whipped cream.  Then I layered with cookies (white chocolate chip) soaked in a bit more eggnog-and-booze.  A very Holiday-Flavor Dessert!  Presented on a favorite plate made by Minnesota Artist, Mark Pharis.

Simple but festive; quite delicious!!  Recipe available on my Recipes Page.


And again — Very Happy Holidays to everyone!!


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