New Pots — And a Tasty Pot Roast

Beef Pot Roast in Tasty Red Wine Sauce:

Wow — December.  We’re at that in-between time, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Although the Holiday season is whispering in the ‘background’, I’m not quite ready to think about Christmas Dinner, but my tastebuds are craving a tasty, wintery meal anyway.  And I’ve been quite constantly busy (focused) on completing some new Pots, at the same time that I’m trying to transition to more ‘reduction’ firing (and glazes), as well as keeping up with my usual soda firing.


Above — A new Bowl (Salad/Serving Bowl) — Stoneware, slips and ash glazes, reduction fired.
I’ve made several of these, all with slightly different geometric statements around the rim.


Above:  Stack of new Wonky Bowls (for Serving or even Baking) — Stoneware, slips, soda fired.

So, while my brain is flip-flopping between the different considerations and techniques of two different firings, I’ve been needing something tasty but EASY for dinner (and something that easily provides leftovers) — A new tasty (perfect-for-winter) Pot Roast!!


The Food — Beef Pot Roast in Red Wine Sauce:

I used to make Pot Roast often.  Now, not so much — I have no idea why.  But I recently discovered a tasty-sounding recipe for Beef Ribs (Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa) and thought I really wanted to give it a go, adapted for Pot Roast rather than ribs.  I started with sauteed onion and fennel — Then cut up pieces of chuck roast.  Then plenty of red wine and beef stock, a wee bit of tomato paste, and a few carrots — All slow cooked in the oven.  After two hours, I removed the meat pieces from the pan, and cooked the sauce down a bit.  I then used an immersion blender to totally mix/blend the very cooked onion/fennel/carrot mixture, to create a ‘thicker’ sauce.  Note, I cooked additional carrots (for serving) separately.

Finally,  I served my simple pot roast with a creamy, full-of-corn polenta.  All, absolutely hearty, winter-tasty!!  The meat was, or course, so tender; the sauce was sooooooo delicious (complex-tasty) — Rustic but rich!  Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Maasha Plates and More:

I’ve been itching to make more pots and plates for my ‘contemporary country’ look — White slip, geometric designs, with ash glazes, reduction firing.  I’m presenting my tasty Pot Roast on a basic Dinner Plate.  I’m excited about some new designs for some rather compatible Sandwich Plates!  I’ve already made a stack of these.


And I’m definitely having fun with Bowls — Various Pasta Bowls, Serving Bowls, Larger Salad Bowls.  Creating geometric statements around the rims….


And that’s how I’m spending my between-the-holidays weeks — Potting, glazing, firing.  And enjoying plenty of leftovers from that tasty Pot Roast!  Happy (upcoming) Holidays everyone!!


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