Happy Thanksgiving!!

Setting the Table:

A very Happy (Tasty/Delightful) Thanksgiving to everyone!  I know — It’s been been more than a few weeks since I’ve posted.  And November is such a Food/Food/Food Month — At least when it comes to golden/roasted Turkey, and yummy sides like bright orange Squash and deep red Cranberry.  And I could go on a bit more, and mention delicious looking Pumpkin Pie…..

But I’ve been so intensely preoccupied — Making so many new Pots, I’ve not had any time to even ‘think’ about food.  And husband has been so busy (honestly, SO busy) with his job, he’s been rather unavailable for photographing food.  So I’ve been frantically making Pots, meeting deadlines, filling ‘orders’.  But I’ve not been preparing any food worth posting; I’ve not been thinking about food — I’ve simply not been posting.

But today — I really do want to take a break.  And wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


The Pottery — MaashaClay Dinner Plates:

One project that kept me quite focused — A Tableware Set.  Once I completed the Dinner Plates, I did manage to get a few photos — Including an Autumn Centerpiece statement!  I really had fun making these Plates — The same that I featured in the Tableware Show (earlier this year) at Northern Clay Center.  All Plates — White stoneware (B-Clay), soda fired with slips and ash glazes.


And just to add to the Thanksgiving ‘theme’ today — I’m sharing a plate (another Maasha Plate) full of Pumpkin/Cream Cheese Squares (photo taken a few years ago).  I do wish everyone a meaningful and very Happy Thanksgiving!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. These are the plates I got from you this summer, and they work for everything: pasta, salads, entrees. Must have more! Happy Thanksgiving to you and to Bob!!!
    Judi and Jerry

  2. Love the look of most things pumpkin and I may have asked you before, but will you please send me your recipe for those pictured? They look terrific. Hope you and all the Paul’s enjoyed Thanksgiving!

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