Apples — Apple/Custard Squares

Late September — Time for Apples:

Last day of September.  It’s been a delightful month — Mostly warm and bright.  Summer transitioning to Autumn….


Above — Favorite Bowl with Autumn Fruit, by Jim Lorio

Actually — I’ve had a busy, somewhat out-of-town month.  A visit to my Farm in Wisconsin, a broken kiln (fixed), a trip to Chicago for a high school reunion (a blast from the past), a week of dog-sitting (Riley, the Havanese), a full weekend working at Pottery Sale with Guillermo Cuellar, and finally — Making more Pots!!

Now, I’m ready for some actual autumn color, and autumn flavors.  That means apples, and pears, and pumpkins, and squash, and APPLES.


The Food — Apple/Custard Bake:

About a year ago, I encountered a recipe for a ‘Custardy Apple Squares’ (Splendid Table).  I finally got around to trying it; I’ve already made it several times.  Easy to make, apples sliced very thin, mixed with a very light (thin) batter, and baked (and cut in to squares).  It’s really like a baked apple-pancake (a Clafouti, but more dense) — So, of course, it’s extra delicious with maple syrup!!


And that’s how I’ve been enjoying it — A drizzle of maple syrup, and a blop of whipped cream (flavored with a bit of maple syrup).  Perfect for dessert, or an afternoon snack, or served with brunch.  Recipe available on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Steve Rolf Plate:

I’m serving on a favorite Plate made by Steve Rolf, of Wisconsin — Dark, smooth stoneware; lovely, rich Korean Celadon glaze, breaking at the quiet textures of the rim.  I think the Apple Square looks lovely and totally delicious on Steve’s Plate!!

And (additional info) — Steve will be hosting an annual Pottery Sale (with other wonderful Potters) the weekend of October 10 & 11.  Check out


Hope everyone has enjoyed a pleasant September.  Now looking forward to a really autumn-colorful October!!

Below — Autumn Squash on a Steve Rolf Platter.