Minnesota — Flavor on a Stick

Curried Chicken Bites (Kabobs):

Late Summer — A quick Vacation up North.  Then, the Minnesota State Fair — Food-on-a-Stick.

So, once again, we dashed away for a quick (sudden) vacation, at the Minnesota North Shore — Lake Superior, rivers and waterfalls, ancient mountains.  We discovered some new hikes (substantial hikes), and we enjoyed a bit of canoeing.  The weather was mostly cloudy (comfortable/cloudy) — We didn’t get too many ‘new’ photos, but of course I’m sharing a few North Shore scenes….


Above — We had not been to the Lighthouse at Split Rock for quite a while.  Loved getting this shot.


Above — A fun (mostly uphill) hike to the Upper Falls at Tettegouche.


Above — A sunny day — A delightful hike up to Devils Kettle Falls.


Above — Devils Kettle Falls — So refreshing!!

And then, when we returned home, it was suddenly late Summer — Time for the Minnesota State Fair.  And even though I do not usually attend the Fair, I love hearing about all the Foods — Everything is Food-on-a-Stick.  I thought it was time to create my own Food-on-a-Stick — Curried Chicken Bites (Kabobs).


The Food — Curried Chicken Kabobs:

Curried Chicken Bites — I’ve made these several times this Summer.  Tender and tasty!!  Cut up chicken in a truly easy marinade — Then either roasted/baked in the oven, or skewered and grilled.  For the marinade, I combine Greek yogurt, plenty of garlic, curry seasonings, cumin seed, cardamom, all mixed with a bit of olive oil.  I marinate cut up chicken pieces at least four hours (or overnight).  In this case, I popped onto skewers (with some yellow pepper) — And we cooked on the grill.


Curried Chicken Kabobs — Perfect for appetizer bites.  Or a tasty entree with a side of sauteed vegies (onion, zucchini, eggplant, peppers) and a bit of rice.  Summer-delicious  — Presented on a new ‘plaid’ Maasha Plate.

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — MaashaClay Plaid Plates:

All my life, I have been ‘plaid-girl’.  But for several years now, I have not been making my ‘plaid’ plates (and bowls) — Ever since we built a new Soda Kiln.  I thought it was time to finally try making and firing these again. Stoneware, flashing slips, Celadon glazes, soda fired.


The result — They don’t ‘flash’ quite as intensely as they used to — But I’m liking the more ‘muted’ tones.  I think I’m going to adjust the flashing slips, and try a few different spots in the kiln.  I SO love making these!!  They look great on the wall, as well as on the table (with FOOD).


So that’s my late summer — A North Shore Vacation and tasty Chicken Bites on new Maasha Plates!

Hope everyone is looking forward to September!  I’m sharing a pleasant sunset over Lake Superior….




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