Summer Desserts – Peaches, Blueberries, and Chocolate

Fruit Cobblers (Peach and Blueberry) / Chocolate-Kahlua IceBox Torte:

It’s been a crazy / delightful Summer!  A significant ‘remodel’ in July (previous Post), then out-of-town Guests and more out-of-town Guests (wonderful).  I’ve been BUSY with non-stop cooking and food-prep — I try to make sure my Guests eat well.


Honestly, clay work (pot-making) came to a screeching halt.  I’ve literally been preparing so much edible stuff — Especially DESSERTS for my Guests.  Summer (comfort-food) Desserts — Several Blueberry Cobblers, several Peach Cobblers….


And for each of my Guests (yes, I’ve made this several times) — A rich, creamy, (to-die-for) Chocolate/Kahlua IceBox Cake (Torte).


The Food — Chocolate/Kahlua Whipped Creme Torte:

I LOVE creamy desserts!  Repeat — I LOVE creamy desserts!  And a creamy combination of chocolate, coffee, and Kahlua sounds perfect for a summer evening!  I mostly follow a recipe from The Barefoot Contessa — A layered torte of chocolate cookies and a whipped concoction of heavy cream and Mascarpone, flavored with chocolate, espresso, Kahlua.  For my own ‘touch’, I add a bit of maple syrup, but I do use the specific cookies — Tate’s Double-Chocolate Chip.

OMG — The creamy, (very mocha) rich flavors!!  Chocolate, Coffee, Kahlua, more Chocolate!!  Easy to prepare, easy to enjoy!!  Recipe available on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — MaashaClay Pots (and a few others):

For my various desserts, I’m simply sharing various plates and dishes….

For my Peach Cobbler, I baked in a favorite MaashaClay Baking Dish — Stoneware, octogonal (and dented) with slips and ash glazes.  I’m serving my Peach Cobbler in another MaashaClay Pedestal Bowl — Stoneware, hand-built with overlapping ‘constructional’ statements.



For my Blueberry Cobbler, I’m serving in a very sweet Simon Levin Bowl — Wood fired, of course.


And for my Whipped Creme Chocolate Torte, I’m serving on a favorite Dessert Plate made by Jim Lorio — Stoneware, snowy-white glaze with dark clay rim.  A perfect plate for a heavenly dessert!!


And that’s how my Summer has been going — Many Summer Desserts!!


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