August — Already!?!

Fresh Summer Flavors — Tomato / Corn Soup:

What??  It’s August already!?!  I totally missed posting in July??

I have an explanation (an excuse?).  I was ‘trapped’ in my own house — Or rather, my Pottery was ‘trapped’, packed away, unavailable.  And my kitchen was utterly inaccessible (for a while).  We had some major drywall and painting work done — Removing infamous popcorn ceiling, repairing drywall from leaking roof, repainting everything.  All of our main-floor rooms were blocked off with miles of plastic sheeting.  (Reminder — We just got a new roof back in April).

And ahead of time, I had to pack EVERYTHING out of the way (I still have bins, and bins, and bins of Pottery on my Decks).  I literally could not use my kitchen, or access any Pottery, or even ‘think’ of photos for my Blog.


Above — Getting ready to repair damaged drywall (from previous leaking roof).


Above — Guys got to prep and mix out on the deck.  Just a hint of the work going on inside.

But the work is now complete; the workers did a fantastic (really conscientious) job!!  It feels like we have a NEW house — Or at least, a finally finished Kitchen, since we remodeled six years ago.  I’m still cleaning the DUST off of everything — Horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces.  I’ve washed my floors three times already.  I’m still putting Pots away; I still have MANY Pots to go.


So what do I feel like preparing (in my feels-new-again Kitchen)?  A very wonderful Summertime Soup — Fresh flavors of Tomato AND Corn.  I found the recipe/inspiration on a PBS WebSite.


The Food — Roasted Tomato/Corn Soup:

I realize that a basic Tomato Soup is a no-brainer.  But Tomato with Corn together?  OMG — That sounds like total Summer!!

Inspired by a recipe on a PBS Site, I roasted some huge, bright red tomatoes; then roasted the kernels from several cobs of fresh (Minnesota) corn.  I sauteed some leek, red pepper, garlic; and added some spice powders (cumin, paprika, ancho, chipotle).  I combined all that roasted and sauteed goodness together — Then added broth.  After heating for 20 – 30 minutes, I used an immersion blender to call it Soup!

I served in various bowls — Garnished with creme fraiche and slices of sauteed yellow squash.  Flavor, flavor, flavor (and wonderful texture) — Absolutely Summer!!  My ‘adapted’ Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

And here is Link to the PBS Recipe


The Pottery — Simon Levin Bowl (and Plate):

I am presenting my Summertime Soup in a favorite Bowl made by Wisconsin Artist, Simon Levin — Woodfired with soft tones of (what else?) fire and ash.  And a few slices of rustic Bread on an accompanying (Simon Levin) Square Plate.  Bowl or Plate — Simon’s work is just so, so, so, so (wood fired) STUNNING / BEAUTIFUL!  Link —



So that’s the story of my July….
Happy August everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying ALL the flavors of Summer!


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