Officially Summer – Lemon Pudding Cake

Summer Plates by Colleen Riley / Eureka Pots:

It is officially Summer!!  Just this past weekend — The Summer Solstice!

Here in Minnesota, June has been a rather lovely month.  Very comfortable summer temperatures — And every few days, a delightful rain.  I’ve been busy hosting a few wonderful out-of-town Guests, and also creating plenty of new pots.  June is also my birthday month — So I’ve actually made a few different Birthday Treats (cakes) for myself.  A Lemon Pudding Cake is just one of those treats….


The Food — Lemon Pudding Cake with Berries:

I quite recently stumbled on a recipe for Lemon Pudding Cake.  OK — I’ve heard of ‘chocolate’ pudding cake.  But ‘lemon’ sounded so refreshing — Perfect for summer.  And so easy — Eggs (separated), the usual flour/sugar ingredients, and plenty of fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.  It all baked into a perfect, charming, delightful cake with its own just-right lemon pudding.  The flavors heavenly and well-balanced — Served with fresh blueberries and strawberries.  And served on TWO plates — A small white plate (made by Dick Cooter) atop an exciting new Dinner Plate with blue accents, made by Colleen Riley.

Recipe included on my Recipes Page — Enjoy!!


The Pottery — Plates by Colleen Riley:

Just a few months ago (at the NCC Tableware Show), I acquired a new Dinner Plate, made by Minnesota Artist, Colleen Riley — White stoneware, soda fired, soft white glaze with floral design.


At the Show, Colleen’s Place-Setting was in mostly blue designs/tones.  I am not generally into too much ‘blue’ on my pottery — But the abstract floral design (in blue) was so intriguing, so appealing, I definitely wanted to add this plate to my collection.  And then, with the arrival of summer, I new it would be perfect for my Lemon Cake with Berries (specifically, BLUEBERRIES).

Colleen’s work is both lively and refined; her glaze treatments include wonderful pattern, inspired by nature, and by fabric designs.   Another favorite (from the NCC Show) — This smaller Plate (below) with a floral statement, and a stunning (mystical) Summer MOON.


Colleen Riley along with husband, Donovan Palmquist — Together they are Eureka Pots, just outside of the Twin Cities.  Do check out their Web Site —

Happy-Happy ‘official’ Summer, everyone!  Hope you have great plans for the next few months — With plenty of tasty berries (and maybe even a lemon cake).


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