Already June?? Slow-Roasted Salmon

Salmon (Slow-Roasted) with Fennel & Orange:

WOW — It’s already JUNE (the month of May totally zipped by)!!  I made a quick (Holiday Weekend) trip to my Farm in Wisconsin.  For one day, it was GORGEOUS, Springtime lush and green.  Then, the next two days it rained — Totally cloudy and rainy.


Before we arrived, my sister had gotten a few photos of a brand new (absolutely brand new) little fawn.  Could barely stand up on wobbly legs to meet its mother.  Then the mother hid the fawn in the tall grasses for a few days.  My sister managed to get one more photo.


And now it’s already JUNE??  It’s time I shared a few more new Pots that I acquired during the St. Croix Pottery Tour (yes, from last month).  And a new technique for preparing Salmon — Easy, slow-roasted in the oven.  Heavenly on a new Plate made by Steve Rolf!!


The Food — Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel & Orange:

I recently stumbled on a new technique for oven-roasted Salmon — Slow-roasting in a 275 degree oven.  The Salmon cooks more evenly — Evenly cooked, evenly moist/tender.  Yes, I could have just slapped the salmon on a baking sheet (with parchment), but instead, I first sauteed sliced onion, sliced fennel (bulb), sliced orange, with a bit of dill weed.  I placed that mixture in a shallow baking pan — Then placed the salmon (skin removed) pieces atop.  Baked/roasted in 275 oven for 30 minutes.

Once out of the oven, I switched the salmon to another plate, and transferred the onion/fennel mixture back to the original saute pan.  I added a bit of white wine, a few chunks of roasted tomato, some orange zest and a squeeze of orange juice.

I’ve created this dish several times already — The Salmon (broken into random pieces) and Onion/Fennel Topping, served with a Wild/Brown Rice mixed with chopped Spinach.  Easy, absolutely Springtime tasty!!  And so wonderful on my new Steve Rolf Plate!


The Pottery — Pots (and a Plate) by Steve Rolf:

I’m sharing a few new pieces made by Wisconsin Artist, Steve Rolf.  A rich, dark brown Dinner Plate, a wonderful new Bowl with crisp, textured lines, a sweet Small Bowl in earthy green/gold tones — All recently acquired during the St. Croix Pottery Tour….


Above:  A stunning Dinner Plate — With a variety of rich brown glaze treatments, creating a set of concentric circles.  A gorgeous presentation for my Slow-Roasted Salmon!!


Above:  A new form by Steve.  A ‘bucket-shaped’ Serving Bowl with crisp lines and subtle rim/foot features.  The textured exterior reminds me of old barn siding — LOVE IT! LOVE IT!


Above:  The Dinner Plate with a Small Bowl — Dark clay, textured, with a thin layer of celadon glaze creating a variety of earthy green/gold tones.  A Summer Soup anyone?

And that’s my late-May-into-early-June experience.  After a few distracted weeks (family stuff), I’m already busy making more of my own Pots — Hoping to fire next week.  HAPPY HAPPY SUMMER everyone!!


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