Two Weekends — New Pots

Recovering from TWO Pottery Events:

Every year in early May, I participate in two separate (wonderful) Pottery Events.  And every year, I’m wiped out — And every year, it takes longer to ‘recover.’

First (two weeks ago), I participated in our Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour — I opened my Studio (along with Guest Artists), for the weekend.  We had great weather, we had a great turn-out — I enjoyed meeting so many new people who appreciate pottery.  A major Thank You to everyone who stopped by!!


Above — One of the tables at my Home/Studio, during the Lake Minnetonka Tour.

Then, I immediately get ready to run up to St. Croix Area (north of the Twin Cities) — To help out for a full weekend at the St. Croix Pottery Tour.  I work at Guillermo Cuellar’s studio, and help with the tables, and tables, and tables of Pots, and gazillions of people who stop by.  Once again, the weather was great, and sooooooooooo many Pots found new homes.


Now, a full five days later, I’m feeling recovered.  I’ve got my hands in clay again, I’m making my own pots.  And, in my very own kitchen, I actually prepared a tasty dinner last night.

The Food — Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower and Prosciutto:

While I’ve been in ‘recovery’ mode, I can only think ‘simple’ when it comes to meals.  A simple, easy-prep pasta dish — On one of my spectacular new Plates that I picked up during the St. Croix Tour.


Pasta with Cauliflower and Prosciutto!  I roughly chopped and roasted a whole head of cauliflower — For amazing tasty nuttiness.  Then tossed with chopped Prosciutto, sauteed spinach, pine nuts, Parmesan — All tossed with a penne pasta.  Simple, easy dinner — Absolutely (addicting) delish!!  Perfect for a chilly (rainy) Spring evening.  Perfect on a new Simon Levin Plate.

The Pottery — Goodies from St. Croix Pottery Tour:

And now I get to share a few (just a few) of my favorite ‘finds’ during the St. Croix Tour, all made by favorite Artists/Friends!


I’m serving my Pasta on a stunning Plate made by Wisconsin Artist, Simon Levin — Wood fired with gorgeous flashing and wadding marks!  I have quite a few Bowls made by Simon, but this is my first Plate.



A truly awesome ‘find’ at the Tour — A very rustic ‘Chimney’ Vessel, made by Minnesota Artist, Dick Cooter.  Wood fired; so very crusty, wood fired!!  This piece already has a permanent home on my fireplace hearth!!


Another Plate made by Illinois Artist, Delores Fortuna.  Porcelain, wonderful glaze treatment — Earthy tones, lively geometric!  Yes, I have a (larger) Platter with a similar design, but this plate is the perfect size for my next Pasta.

And that’s my tale of TWO Pottery Events — Hope to have fun next year as well!  Happy already-middle-of-May everyone!




One thought on “Two Weekends — New Pots

  1. Your home studio show table looks fabulous and the other show must be wonderful to attend and snap up some of the great pottery. Wish I were close by.

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