Getting Ready for Pottery Sale under a NEW Roof:

So crazy/busy — Getting ready for our annual Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour!!  Making and firing the last of my Pottery.  Getting my Studio ready.  Getting my house ready for Guest Artists — Cheri Meyer (Beaded Jewelry) and Kristy Walker (Nature Photography).  April is always a Fun-but-Crazy month for me.


But this year, for the past two weeks — We’ve also been getting a NEW ROOF on our house.  Major work — MAJOR!!  Total tear-off, all new insulation, all new METAL roof.  Exciting — But totally turned my already-busy month UPSIDE DOWN CHAOS-CRAZY!

Even though it was all ‘exterior’ work — There were plenty of ‘interior’ issues.  Example, the NOISE!  Example, new SkyLights meant  a lot of roof-glop fell into various areas of the house (yucky cleanup).  And then there were the several Dumpsters in the driveway that ultimately trapped Husband’s car in the garage for several days.


But just in time for my Studio Event/Pottery Sale, the new roof is COMPLETE — Metal Roof looks like shingles/shakes.  We LOVE it!!  No more ice-dams through our Minnesota winters.

Some Food — Big Batch Stuff:

And in my kitchen, I really couldn’t ‘cook’.  So, ahead of time, I managed to make several batches of big-batch meals.  A big batch of my Turkey/Black Bean Chili.  A big batch of my ‘Moussaka’ Pasta Sauce.  I’ve featured my ‘Moussaka’ Topping in the past — So tasty (and easy to make) with ground Lamb in a Tomato/Cinnamon Sauce with Sauteed Eggplant, topped with crumbled Feta.  And served on Pasta — Provided a great opportunity to try out my new Pasta Bowls!!


The Pottery — New Maasha Bowls:

Yes — I’ve been making quite a few new Bowls — Serving Bowls in various sizes.  And the small/medium Bowls work perfectly as Pasta Bowls!!  White Stoneware, textured exterior (corduroy), various slips and glazes, soda fired.


So that is my Crazy/Busy Month.  Looking forward to our Studio Tour THIS WEEKEND!  Somehow, I expect to be ready — With NEW Bowls, NEW Bakers, NEW Vases, and a NEW Roof!!  If you’re in the Twin Cities, hope you can stop by!  All of our Artists / Potters would love to meet you!!   www.LakeMtka-StudioTour.com


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