Springtime — So Busy!!

Getting Ready for Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour!

It’s that busy (busiest) time of year for me — Getting ready for our Lake Minnetonka ARTS Event!!  Our STUDIO TOUR!!


Back in January, our group held a Gallery Show (kept me busy).  Then in February, I began working on our Brochure (kept me super busy).  I am not a graphic artist, but with a few PhotoShop skills, I have become our Brochure designer.  Then in March the Brochure went to the Printer, then I assembled our Mailing List, and that went to the Printer (for bulk-mail processing).  And then in late March we held our ‘Kick-Off’ Party (a fun Brunch), with all of our Artists.

And now it’s APRIL — And I am SO BUSY.  Now I must get my own studio ready, my home, my yard, and my own pottery, ready for the Tour.  I am, right now, making final pots before a final firing (busy, so busy).


I am sharing some of my latest pots — Wonky Pots.  Vases, Baking-Dishes, Mugs and Tumblers….


And of course, I need to give some of them a test-drive.  For our recent Kick-Off Party — I made my tasty (always easy) ‘Quiche-Without-A-Crust’.  With Asparagus and Leek, and plenty of Cheese — In a new Baking Dish.  And yes, the Recipe is available on my Recipes Page.


The Pottery — Wonky Bakers:

I started making my (wonky) Baking Dishes last year.  They are totally fun — Fun to make, fun to use!!  I make them in both stoneware, and this year, B-Clay (a white stoneware).  Wheel-thrown, very altered, bashed, dented, mooshed and smooshed.  Soda fired with slips, and an interior glaze.  Somehow, ‘wonky’ fits with my busy schedule, getting ready for the TOUR.


Happy Springtime everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying some spring flowers, and some early spring veggies.  And if you’re in the Twin Cities — Hope you’ll think of stopping by our Lake Minnetonka STUDIO TOUR!!


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