Officially Spring!

Pork Tenderloin with Winter Flavors:

It is officially Spring — And yes, we’ve been enjoying some warmer, mild weather.  But late yesterday, we actually got a few inches of snow — A fluffy-but-wet ‘spring’ snow.


Snowy evening created a perfect setting for making one more dinner with Winter flavors — Something I’d been intending to make for the past few months.  A Pork Tenderloin with an Orange/Date Compote — Presentation on a happy/bright Jim Lorio Plate!  Dinner-Delish — Flavors definitely worked.


The Food – Pork Tenderloin with Orange/Date Compote:

I love dates, although sometimes they’re too sweet.  Then I discovered a recipe for a Date Relish — With dates AND orange.  I cooked up a pork tenderloin (and a butternut squash).  The pork I first pan-seared, then oven roasted for 15 minutes.  Once I had pan-drippings, I added the chopped dates, the orange juice, a bit of cider, and orange zest, and finally cilantro.  Served on a waiting plate — Delicious!  Flavors worked wonderfully — The Orange/Date Compote was perfect with the pork — Earthy-sweet, but totally balanced and refreshing with the orange.  Winter flavors on a snowy Spring evening.


The Pottery – Dinner Plate by Jim Lorio:

I’m serving my late-winter dinner on a favorite plate made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio — Stoneware, Shino glaze, earthy-but-friendly ‘bare’ rim.  I have a ‘set’ of these plates — I really do enjoy them in my life!  I use them quite often — They are so perfect and comfortable for so many meals!!  Jim Lorio will be participating with the St. Croix Pottery Tour in early May — At Guillermo Cuellar’s Studio (where I help out every year).  I’m looking forward to a few more plates….


And that’s the tale of my late-winter meal.  Happy EARLY Spring everyone — I know our sudden snow will melt quickly, and I will be thinking of more springtime flavors.


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