Dinnerware Show – Opening!

At Northern Clay Center….

Excitement — Dinnerware Show opens TONIGHT!  Over twenty ceramic artists (with MNWCA, Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists) showing Dinnerware/Place-Settings!


And I am so honored to be a part of the Show.  We had to specify a theme or ‘special event’ along with a menu — And our Place Setting is expected to reflect our chosen theme and menu.

I chose ‘Celebration of Spring at my Farm in Wisconsin‘.  I chose a Menu of:

– Appetizer — Pizzas with Apple, Bacon, and Fontina
– Entree — Maple-Fig Glazed Salmon
– Springtime Asparagus and Wild-Rice Pilaf
– Salad — Springtime Greens with Strawberries
– Dessert — Maple-Creme Mousse
– Dessert — Gingered Rhubarb Crumble-Cake

Note — The Maple Syrup from my Farm-Neighbors, who harvest and make Maple Syrup every year, and generously gave me an extra gallon (yes, a gallon).
Another Note — Most Recipes already included on my Recipes Page.

Because the Show opens tonight, I’m allowing myself to share my place-setting AND a peek at some of the ‘springtime’ foods.  And if you wish to preview more of the Show — Here is LINK.

The Pottery / The Food:

For my Place-Setting, I ended up creating pieces a bit more matchy-matchy than I intended — But I’m quite happy with each individual piece.  Actually, I’m very pleased with the entire ‘set’, the ‘dinnerware statement’.


Above — My Place-Setting (nearly complete).  Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Appetizer Plate, Dessert Cup with Pillow Tray — All made with B-Clay Stoneware, soda fired with slips and ash glazes.


Above — My Dinner Plate, squared with overlapping corners — Salmon with Maple/Fig Glaze, Asparagus, Wild Rice Pilaf with Leek, Shiitake, dried Apricot.


Above — My Salad Plate/Bowl, squared with overlapping corners — With simple Springtime Salad.


Above — My Appetizer Plate — A totally asymmetrical Overlapping Plate.  I love making these plates!!



Above — My Dessert Piece — A small Cup/Bowl on a rectangular Pillow Tray.  The cup for the Maple Creme Mousse, the Tray for a bite of Rhubarb Cake (or in this case, some bright red strawberries).  I definitely had fun with this concept!!

And that’s the PEEK at my Place-Setting.  Excited to see everyone else’s work — All set up for the Show!!  If you’re in the Twin Cities, hope you can stop by to see the Show (runs through late April)!!


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