Dinnerware Show – Prep

Dinnerware Show at NCC:

I am SO EXCITED!  Actually, I’ve been so busy, frantic, buried, busy — I really barely have had time to be excited….

I am EXCITED because I will have work included in a Dinnerware Show – Opening next week at Northern Clay Center (coordinated by MNWCA, our Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists).  Creating a five-piece Place-Setting — With a Menu for a Special Event.  Participating in this Show is very special to me — I feel very honored to have been juried into a Show at NCC!  The Opening Reception is next Friday, March 13th!!!


So, I have been BUSY because….
I was hoping to make all new work (new styles, new glaze techniques) for the Show — And that involves a bit of experimenting, creating prototypes, etc.  Taking lots of new pots ‘through the process’ (making, drying, bisque-firing, glazing, final-firing).  And then making decisions about what to try again — All with a deadline looming over me.

And I’ve also been BUSY because….
I am the (graphics) designer for the Brochure for our Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour (held annually in May).  We went to a new format this year and I had to design totally from scratch.  I certainly enjoy the work (once I get going), but it’s also VERY detailed, very tedious (visual programing), and very deadlined.

Basically, it’s been a busy, frantic, crazy-busy month – Because I was dealing with intense DEADLINES (earlier than expected), and because creating pottery is a bit right-brained; while creating (programing) a new Brochure demands my left-brained side.  It can be difficult to keep switching back and forth.


In any case – I’ve completed the Brochure and sent to the printer.  I’ve completed and delivered my work for the Show.  Yippee – I can BREATHE again!!  I can finally prepare an actual dinner (ah, Salmon), I can finally post on my blog again!

The Pottery – The Pieces NOT Included:

For this posting, I’m sharing a few of the Pots/Plates I did NOT include in the Show.  Too prototype-ish.  Not satisfied with the place-setting combinations (the other pieces).  But, still worth sharing….


For the Dinner-Plate, I love (LOVE) creating a square-rimmed plate, I love the constructional statement.  But once I made a few I felt they were not ‘consistent’ with the other pieces I was making.  The Rimmed Plate stays home.

For a Serving Bowl, I was trying overlapping strips of clay to create a very constructed statement.  Again, I felt this piece was not consistent with the other pieces.  And, still a bit of a prototype in relation to what I am still aiming for.

Both pieces made with B-Clay Stoneware — Hand built, soda fired with slips and ash glazes.

The Food — Salmon Dinner:

Because I had to choose a theme, a ‘special event’ for my Menu, I developed a Menu for Celebrating Spring!!  Spring is on its way, right??  I created a Menu for a Salmon Dinner — Maple/Fig Glazed Salmon with Wild Rice Pilaf and Springtime Asparagus. Yes, this is one of my go-to menu/dishes, but I always enjoy preparing it as perfectly and deliciously as possible!


I’m sharing a truly amazing Salmon Dinner on my Not-Included-Plate — And it was absolutely divine!  Wonderful dining!!

Happy March, everyone!  DO watch for my next posting — I will be sharing MORE about the Dinnerware Show!!!  More Pots, more of my Menu….



3 thoughts on “Dinnerware Show – Prep

  1. That square plate is amazing!! Love love love it! And I really like the serving piece too. Really fantastic.

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