Yippee!! Pottery Winners!

FIVE Winners!

Since my Pottery Give-Away (previous Posting) wrapped up — I can now announce that I have FIVE Winners!  It took a while to contact everyone (so that they could choose the piece they wanted), but I now have five official (hopefully happy) Winners!  And I even had to trouble-shoot an incorrect Email Address — But eventually, I reached everyone.


Congratulations to FIVE Winners!!
— Christi Ruffin, Jaclyn Reynolds, Sara Laitala, Jean Lorio, Bette Hart!
Prizes included five MaashaClay pieces — A Bowl (above), a Pitcher, a few Tea Cups.  I am so delighted that all pieces have new homes!


The Food — Banana Bread with a bit of Chocolate:

And just in time for Valentines Day — I’m noshing on some super-delicious Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread (made with both butter and mascarpone, and lots of banana with chocolate chips).  Easy to make — Especially in the middle of Winter. Banana-rich!  A perfect addition to a Valentine’s Breakfast.

Recipe included on my Recipes Page (YUM)!


Above — Banana / Chocolate Chip Bread on a favorite Square Plate made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio.

Again — Congratulations to five Winners.  And thank you EVERYONE for following my Blog, and sending in Comments!!


One thought on “Yippee!! Pottery Winners!

  1. Congratulations to five very lucky winners! I really enjoy your blog, recipes and beautiful pottery! Thanks for making it so enjoyable!

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