Cold Days – Hot Soups

French Onion Soup (and More):

January — And so far, our Winter has NOT been as brutally cold as last winter (remembering — Polar Vortex #1, #2, #3)!  But, we’ve certainly had a bit of ‘normal’ mid-winter (below zero) cold.  That means a fire in the fireplace, and a chance to enjoy a few favorite, tasty soups — In a few favorite SOUP BOWLS!


Above — Baked French Onion Soup in two Bowls.  Striped Bowl made by Sam Taylor; Shino-glazed Bowl made by Guillermo Cuellar.

Broccoli/Corn Chowder - Bowl by Marcia Paul

Above — Broccoli/Corn Chowder with Bacon Garnish in a Maasha Bowl (soda fired).

Creamy Mushroom Soup - Bowl by Zac Spates

Above — A Creamy Mushroom Soup with Roasted Tomato Garnish in a very wood fired Bowl made by Zac Spates.

The Food — Baked French Onion Soup:

I used to make French Onion Soup quite often —  I simply LOVE the cheesy topping with the onion-soup flavor.

After many years of non-indulgence, I felt the winter-urge to make a batch of Onion Soup.  I chopped and sauteed several large onions (in lots of butter) — Then, to really infuse the flavors, roasted in the oven for an hour.  Then, added the stock (both chicken and beef) to complete the actual ‘soup’.  For serving (the FUN step), I dished into various Bowls, added some toasty bread, some grated Gruyere cheese — And baked in a moderate oven for a bit, till cheese was gooey/golden.

Oh!  The onion-soup flavor!!  The gooey baked cheese!  Winter-wonderful in favorite Bowls (made by favorite Potters)!!  Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

French Onion Soup - Bowls by Guillermo Cuellar and Sam Taylor

The Pottery — Two Bowls by Two Potters:

I prepared my Onion Soup in two cup-style Bowls, perfect for popping in the oven to melt the Cheese.  The black-striped Bowl was made by Ceramic Artist Sam Taylor, of Massachusetts.  Stoneware, wood fired, earthy/practical.  I featured this Bowl in a previous winter-posting with a Cauliflower Soup.

The shino-glazed Bowl was made by Minnesota Potter, Guillermo Cuellar.  And lucky me — I have a SET of these Bowls (Cups)!  Perfect for more Onion Soup, or any other Soup, or even a Hot Cocoa.

Hope everyone is staying WARM — With a favorite SOUP!!

Link to Guillermo Cuellar Web Site:
Link to Sam Taylor Web Site:

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