A NEW Year — A Bit Scandinavian

2015 – Swedish Meatballs and More!

Happy-Happy New Year everyone!!  Hope that you all enjoyed the Holidays!!

And now that 2015 is here — I’m sharing some tasty ‘Holiday’ comfort-food (in some favorite plates and pots, of course).  I always love that week between Christmas and New Years — I always try to get so much done, especially cleaning and organizing — To start the new year with a ‘clean slate’.  I never quite complete all my tasks — But at least I try; at least I have good intentions.  In any case — During this ‘In-Between’ Week, comfort-food is definitely in order.


This year, because I have a mostly Scandinavian husband, and because New Year’s Day is our Anniversary — I decided to actually make Swedish Meatballs AND a Swedish (or maybe Norwegian) Apple Creme Dessert.

The Food — Scandinavian:

I have not made meatballs in quite a while (many years).  I’ve never been crazy about the ‘work’ involved, especially the hassle of cooking meatball by meatball….

But I stumbled on an appealing recipe (Marcus Samuelson, NYC chef) and thought I’d give the meatball thing another go.  The ground meats (I used beef, pork, and turkey), the breadcrumbs, minced onion, egg, a bit of seasoning, a bit of honey — All shaped out onto a tray of meatballs.  Then, batch by batch, I carefully browned them.

With all the drippings and cooked bits, I made THE Sauce — Broth, heavy cream, I included a bit of white wine.  And as a major deviation from the Scandinavian thing, I added sauteed mushrooms — I simply HAD to include mushrooms.  I served with mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, and a smoosh of Gingered-Cranberry Sauce.  Yes, I realize that ‘should’ have been Lingonberry sauce.

In spite of all the ‘work’ — Meatballs were really quite tasty!  A delicate ‘toastiness’ with both the meat and the sauce — Yes, quite tasty!  Recipe included on my Recipes Page.


That Apple Creme Dessert — I believe I enjoyed this dish years ago when I lived in a very Swedish town, Geneva, Illinois.  With a recent recipe, I made it with sweet Apples (chopped and sauteed with butter), sugar, nutmeg, maple syrup.  Then, layered (in any favorite bowls) with whipped creme (I included a bit of Mascarpone), and fine bread crumbs (sauteed with sugar and cinnamon).  A truly pleasant, refreshing dessert!!  Again, recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Jim Lorio / Willem Gebben:


I’m presenting my Swedish Meatballs on a favorite (favorite) Square Plate, made by Jim Lorio, of Colorado.  I love the ‘corduroy’ texture, the very ragged, uneven rim, the quiet glazing results!

I’m sharing my Apple Creme Dessert in some very sweet Bowls made by Wisconsin Artist, Willem Gebben.  Willem Gebben is originally from The Netherlands; his work is available at Northern Clay Center.  I’m quite happy with these small bowls — Stoneware, wood fired, black-with-dots glazing.  Playful but sophisticated — Perfect for any dessert, or cup-of-soup, or any other wee bite I might think of….


And that is my ‘Scandinavian Adventure’.  Now, I still need to clean (and organize) my Studio!!

Wishing everyone a truly happy, productive, wonderful, clay-full NEW YEAR!!


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