December Frittata

Frittata with Chard and Chorizo!

It’s already mid-December — And I’ve been delinquent about posting here on my Blog.  Let’s see — Back in late November (Thanksgiving Weekend), I held a weekend Pottery (and Arts) Sale.  A very local event with several artsy friends, a positive turn-out of visitors — A great way to kick off the Holidays!


Then, I immediately had to start making pots for an upcoming Soda Firing.  I didn’t make nearly as much as I had hoped (an important piece majorly CRACKED while drying, arrrghgh).  Finally, we loaded the kiln and fired last week — I got a few good results, and few clunky results.  That’s soda firing….

Now I finally have time to breathe.  I can focus on other things — The Holidays, a few pottery shows, the Holidays, trying a few new recipes, the Holidays.


The Food — Frittata with Chard and Chorizo:

I’ve been in the mood for a tasty weekend Breakfast — An eggy/cheesy Frittata that I could throw together with whatever I had in my fridge.  That turned out to be chard (lightly sauteed and chopped), Yukon Gold potatoes (chopped and roasted in the oven), and a bit of (previously) frozen corn.  The only thing I picked up at the store — Some Chorizo Sausage (my local co-op/market makes a wonderful Chorizo)!


After sauteeing the Chorizo, I beat together about six eggs and, just for fun, mixed in two huge spoonfuls of cottage cheese.  I started cooking (the egg mixture) in the saute pan, added the other (already sauteed) ingredients, sprinkled some grated cheese (yes, a bit of Manchego).  Then popped in the oven for about 8 minutes, till the eggs were cooked and the cheese melted.

Easy — And absolutely delicious!!  The flavors so pleasantly balanced — The slightly spicy Chorizo, the earthy potato, wonderful texture from the corn, the nutty flavors of the cheeses.  Totally satisfying!!

The Pottery — Steve Rolf Plate:

I am serving my tasty Frittata on a (new) Plate that I acquired just a few months ago, made by Wisconsin Artist, Steve Rolf — Dark, smooth stoneware; lovely, rich Korean Celadon glaze, breaking at the quiet textures of the rim.


Steve’s work is always quiet and refined — Perfect for any table, any food.  Perfect for a cup of Tea, or a bowl full of Eggs when making an omelette, or a frittata.  Do check out his work —

Tea Cup - by Artist, Steve Rolf

And that’s my (early December) Frittata experience.  Hope everyone is looking forward to the Holidays!


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