Minnesota Grape Salad — Just Say NO!!

Minnesota Grape Salad — Not on MY Table!!

There was a major BUZZ last week – The New York Times printed an article on ‘representative’ Thanksgiving dishes for all 50 States.  For Minnesota — A Grape Salad!?!  What?  A goopy Grapes-and-Sour-Cream Salad!?!  Say What??

Here in Minnesota, no one (repeat, NO ONE) has ever heard of such a dish, let alone, tasted it!  Even my (mostly Scandinavian) Very-Minnesota-Husband has never encountered such a dish.  Even served in Minnesota Pottery – This is not (NOT) a Minnesota Dish!!


For a Thanksgiving meal, grapes (and cheeses) make a lovely Pre-Dinner Nibble — Presented on a favorite wood cutting-board.  But a (goopy) Grape Salad??  Grapes mixed with sour cream and brown sugar, then broiled (with some pecans mixed in) — GAG!!   Sounds totally GROSS, and unappealing, and non-northern.  If this NYT article had been printed some 22 years ago, I might never have moved to Minnesota!

In any case – Here is a Link to the NYT Article — NYT Thanksgiving – 50 States
And here is a Link to a RESPONSE to the Article — Mpls/St. Paul – GrapeGate Response


And Now — Some Pottery with Food:

So now that I’ve vented, I’m happy to share a few ACTUAL (appealing) Thanksgiving Dishes (NO grapes)….


Above — A tasty Wild Rice Pilaf with Leek, Dried Apricot and Shiitake Mushroom — A favorite Serving Bowl by Ellen Shankin, ceramic artist in Virginia.


Above — A healthy/delicious Side-Dish of Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Onion, Apple, and Kale.  An almond-shaped Serving Bowl, by MaashaClay.


Above — No, it’s not pumpkin pie.  Rather, a heavenly Autumn Dessert — Maple-Creme Mousse!  In small Bowls, made by Wisconsin Artist, Steve Rolf.

And that’s my rant about Grape Salad (just say NO).  Wishing everyone a most Happy (and very tasty) Thanksgiving!!


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